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Most of battle stages in Battle Cats yield some sort of reward for players who managed to clear it. This is what is called a Stage Reward, or a Stage's treasure. Please refer to the stage page for info about what the reward is for said stage.

When player obtains a stage reward, a special pop-up box will appear during the stage clear result screen.

Stage Reward

Stage clear screen with reward pop-up below the XP result

Kinds of reward[]

Currently, the stage reward can be divided into five categories:

1. Common stage reward is given randomly when clearing most stages. The chance to obtain one is very low in most cases. Usually the reward is in the form of a battle item given in low quantity. If the said stage has no mentioned common reward, a random common reward of battle power-ups is designated instead.

2. Special stage reward is given only on certain (limited) stages with a certain drop chance. Special stage drops are more varied since they could be Catfruits, Cat Capsule Tickets, special units, unlocked True Forms, Cat Food, XP, and more. Rewards like battle items or Capsule Tickets may obtained repeatedly while others like unlocked units and true forms are usually only rewarded once which after that the stage rewards common drop instead or lower tier special stage rewards if any exist.

3. Treasure rewards are only available in Empire of Cats, Into the Future, and Cats of the Cosmos. They offer various permanent upgrades to players such as increased max energy and regeneration, in-battle wallet max and money production, increased attack power of units or reduced enemy defense / attack power and many more. See the linked page for a further explanation.

4. Timed Score Reward is the same as a special stage drop, however instead of using drop once, they are only given when the player is able to clear the stage with certain score levels; The score is determined based on how fast the stage is cleared. See the linked page for a further explanation.

5. Stage clearance reward is given usually only once upon the first time the player cleared the designated stage. It can be unlocked game features, energy refills, cat food, special units, or something else. Examples of the rewards given are:

Reward Mechanism[]

Under normal conditions, the first three kinds of stage rewards can only have one reward given at once prioritizing the latter. For example: Certain stages have common drop chance of battle items with a 1% chance and also a special drop of cat unit with a 30% chance. If the player is eligible for both rewards, the player will only get the special unit. An example of this is Oncoming Maelstrom.

However, if the said unit is given as clearance reward like Bean Cats (Special Cat) from Shiga Pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) stage, then it is possible to obtain both the said units and treasure or common drop reward of the stage for total of two rewards at once.

The timed stage rewards are also separated and can be rewarded at the same time.

Some stages also feature tiered rewards such as Catfruit stages. For example, the drop chance mentioned are reward A (70%), reward B (50%) and reward C (30%) then the game will calculate the player eligibility first from the highest tier reward C (30%). If the player does not pass for any reward, the stage will count for random generated common reward chance before finally deciding that the player gets no reward at all.

The drop chance also may vary accordingly to the Stage Difficulties so same stages with different difficulties may have a different chance for obtaining the reward such as the awakening stages which have a 30% chance to unlock the true form form for the easier version of the stage and a 100% unlock chance for the harder version.

Note of Treasure Radar Usage[]

Treasure Radar only affects the first three kinds of rewards drop chance and only affect one of it, prioritizing the latter.

Some stages have a special stage reward which is often mistaken as a stage clearance reward instead due to it's 100% reward chance. Examples of these stages are Crazed Cats stages where using Treasure Radar on first clear is a waste since the drop chance of the reward is already 100%.

Stages with multiple tier special rewards such as Catfruit stages have some sort of designated treasure radar tier instead. For example, in Catfruit stages, Treasure Radar guarantees player to obtain Catfruit at least but not Epic Catfruit, which is the highest tier special reward except for the player eligible for it or clearing Catfruit Jubilee (which should not possible since Catfruit Jubilee does not allow any battle items).