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The Store is the place where players can purchase Battle Items, Catamins, and XP using Cat Food. It is unlocked after clearing Japan.

Battle Items[]

Item Mobile Cost 3DS Cost Switch Cost Description
Speed Up x9 50 Cat Food 1 Cat Food per Speed Up 25 Cat Food Doubles your Battle speed.
Gold Card Officers receive 3x battle speed!
(Tap icon to toggle ON/OFF during battle.)
Treasure Radar x2 90 Cat Food 3 Cat Food per Treasure Radar 45 Cat Food 100% reward drop rate upon a Victory in battle.
Guaranteed to receive Superior Treasure
or Cat Unit, or XP/Catfruit stage drop reward.
Rich Cat x7 150 Cat Food 2 Cat food per Rich Cat 75 Cat Food Worker Cat starts the battle at MAX Level.
Seize the advantage in battle without needing
to spend money on upgrading Worker Cat!
Cat CPU x20 180 Cat Food 1 Cat Food per Cat CPU 90 Cat Food Cat CPU's AI will fight the battle automatically
for you. It's Cat-developed tech, so don't
expect much. (Tap icon to toggle ON/OFF)
Cat Jobs x5 300 Cat Food 1 Cat Food per Cat Jobs 150 Cat Food Recieve 1.5 times more XP than usual
upon stage clear. Use on stages with
large XP rewards to get the most value!
Sniper the Cat x3 90 Cat Food 2 Cat food per Sniper Cat 45 Cat Food Pushes back enemies with cover fire. Attack
power changes dependent on Cat Base health.
(Tap icon to toggle ON/OFF during battle.)


Purchase XP to power up your Cat Units!

Old Version[]

Battle Cats and The Battle Cats POP! use these XP values.

XP Pack Cost 3DS Cost
5,000 XP 75 Cat Food N/A
12,000 XP 150 Cat Food 1 Cat Food
40,000 XP 450 Cat Food 3 Cat Food
100,000 XP 900 Cat Food 6 Cat Food
200,000 XP 1,500 Cat Food 10 Cat Food

New Version[]

As of Version 3.6.0 of Nyanko Daisensou and for The Battle Cats Unite!, Each XP Pack now contains 10x the value:

XP Pack Cost Switch Cost
50,000 XP 75 Cat Food 38 Cat Food
120,000 XP 150 Cat Food 75 Cat Food
400,000 XP 450 Cat Food 225 Cat Food
1,000,000 XP 900 Cat Food 450 Cat Food
2,000,000 XP 1,500 Cat Food 750 Cat Food


Catamins (ネコビタン, Nekobitan) are a set of item packs added in Version 5.0 of Nyanko Daisensou. Each Catamin will shorten the time of Gamatoto's expedition or Ototo's building by a set amount. They can also be used to play special Catamin Stages.

  • Catamin A x3 = 30 Cat Food

Reduces expedition time by 1 hour.

  • Catamin B x3 = 80 Cat Food

Reduces expedition time by 3 hours.

  • Catamin C x3 = 150 Cat Food

Reduces expedition time by 6 hours.

Half-Off Item Sale[]

On the 6th, 12th, 18th, and 24th of each month, as well as during celebrations like Anniversaries, every single item will be on sale for half the Cat Food price. It is recommended to only buy items during a sale. Sales do not occur in The Battle Cats POP! or in The Battle Cats Unite!.


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