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For the Capsules associated with this Gauntlet, see Summer Break Cats (Event Gacha).

Summer Break Cats (ねこのなつやすみ, Neko no Natsu Yasumi, Cat Summer Vacation) is an event added in the Version 10.7 Update. Like all Gauntlets, progress made in Summer Break Cats will reset when the event ends. The bosses of this Gauntlet are many common enemies that the player encounters during main progress.



Summer Break Cats contains a total of 20 No Continues levels. After beating a stage, the player must wait for 30 minutes before they may enter the map again. Rewards for each stage completion is an Enigma which can reveal one of three different stages.

List of Stages

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Start of Summer 夏休みのはじまり (Natsuyasumi no Hajimari) The Beginning of Summer Vacation 10 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Sundown Chorus ひぐらしの合唱 (Higurashi no Gasshō) Higurashi Chorus 20 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 Light Overflowing 夜にあふれる光 (Yoru ni Afureru Hikari) Light Overflowing at Night 30 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 4 Hidden Treehouse 樹上のひみつ基地 (Ki Jō no Himitsu Kichi) Secret Tree Base 40 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 5 Call to Dinner 夕飯を告げる声 (Yūhan o Tsugeru Koe) Voice Yelling Supper 50 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 6 Citronella Scent 防虫剤の匂いの浴衣 (Bōchūzai no Nioi no Yukata) Yukata With the Smell of Insect Repellent 60 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 7 Late Nite Special 今日だけは夜ふかし (Kyō dake wa Yofukashi) Late Monday Show 70 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 8 Grip Your Net 虫取り網を握って (Mushitorimō o Nigitte) Hold the Insect Net 80 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 9 Sea Floor Treasure 海底に光るお宝 (Kaitei ni Hikaru Otakara) A Treasure That Shines On the Seabed 90 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 10 Bug Spray Mist 蚊取り線香のけむり (Katorisenkō no Kemuri) Mosquitos Coil 100 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 11 Schoolyard Dance 校庭で盆踊り (Kōtei de Bonodori) Bon Festival Dance In the Schoolyard 110 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 12 An Alluring Lady ふしぎなお姉さん (Fushigina O Nēsan) Mysterious Older Sister 120 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 13 Suntanned Boy 日焼けしたタケシ君 (Hiyake Shita Takeshi Kun) Tanned Takeshi 130 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 14 Music in the Distance 遠くに聞こえる祭囃子 (Tōku ni Kikoeru Matsuri Hayashi) Festival Music In the Distance 140 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 15 A Lost Friend 肝試しで消えた友達 (Kan Tameshi de Kieta Tomodachi) A Friend Who Disappeared In a Test Of Courage 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 16 Waking at Noon 起きたら昼だった (Okitara Hirudatta) It Was Noon When I Woke Up 160 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 17 A Secret Cove 発見!ヒミツの入り江 (Hakken! Himitsu no Irie) Discovered! Secret Cove 170 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 18 Hints of Autumn かすかな秋の気配 (Kasukana Aki no Kehai) A Faint Sign of Autumn 180 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 19 Final Fireworks この夏最後の花火 (Kono Natsu Saigo no Hanabi) The Last Fireworks this Summer 190 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 20 Last-Minute Homework 終わらない宿題 (Owaranai Shukudai) Homework That Never Ends 200 EnergyIcon.png


First Schedule

English Version

  • August 30th, 2021 to September 20th, 2021

Japanese Version

  • July 21st, 2021 to September 1st, 2021


  • This Gauntlet is currently the only stage to use collaboration enemies outside of a collaboration.