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Sunset Hadron is the third stage in The Edge of Spacetime.


  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 40 seconds1,200f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 93.33 seconds2,800f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 3 Kroxos spawn after 146.67 seconds4,400f, delay 2 seconds60f.
  • 10 Zrocos spawn after 20 seconds600f, delay 23.33~30 seconds700f~900f.
  • 3 LeMurrs spawn after 20 seconds600f, delay 43.33 seconds1,300f.
  • 5 Zollows spawn after 66.67 seconds2,000f, delay 26.67 seconds800f.
  • 5 Formicidaean Ariants spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 33.33~40 seconds1,000f~1,200f.
  • 2 Nimoy Bores spawn after 56.67 seconds1,700f, delay 66.67 seconds2,000f.
  • 1 Alpacky spawns as the boss after 20 seconds600f.


A simple stage featuring Aliens and Zombies. All enemies in this stage spawn on a timer, so you don't have plenty of time to build up your team before the fight. It is highly recommended to bring high-damage-dealers like Can Can Cat (Talented) to kill the first enemies as soon as possible. The main problem of the stage are Zollows and Nimoy Bores, so bring units like Catellite and Cadaver BearCat, along with other Zombie Killers.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Friendly)[]

Lineup: Little Warriors, Li'l Eraser Cat 50+29, Kinjirou Cat 50, Jellycat 50, Corrupted Psychocat, Cameraman Cat 50+18, Green Shell Cat 50, Cat Chief 50, Awakened Doron 50, Awakened Bahamut Cat 50, Awakened Urs 50

Cannon: Thunderbolt

Items: Rich Cat


  • Cameraman Cat has the Survivor MAX, Critical, and the ATT up MAX talents.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat has the HP up MAX talent.
  • Corrupted Psychocat has the Target Zombie talent.
  • This strategy is possible to do with no Rich Cat, but becomes wildly inconsistent.
  • Breakerblast is NOT recommended for this stage.

This strategy can be quite delicate with 4 Crown Restriction. Any bad-RNG or a slight mistake could spell disaster.

Immediately spawn in Jellycat, then spawn in Kinjirou Cat at around 950¢. Send out another Kinjirou Cat, then spawn Green Shell Cat around 2 seconds after, before sending out one more Kinjirou Cat and one more Jellycat, as well as Awakened Doron. What should happen is that Formicidean Ariant should die from the Jellycats, and Awakened Doron should get in and unleash his surge against the LeMurr. If this doesn't happen, it shouldn't make a big difference.

Lure the enemies to your base, then hit them with everything you got (except Awakened Bahamut Cat). Keep stacking your units, and keep trying to get waves off from Jellycat. If Formicidean Ariant is about to attack, and you do not have Cat Chief ready, be prepared to use Awakened Doron to counter them (though Awakened Urs and your other units should already be sufficient).

Nimoy Bore should be coming in soon, where you may want to send out Green Shell Cat. He will add extra pressure with his knockback, so keeping your stack is now even more important. Feel free to send out Awakened Bahamut Cat here, but only after a Zollow has been Z-Killed. Zollow is the biggest and the most RNG-dependent threat of this stage. While Cat Chief, Jellycat, and Awakened Doron can easily and effectively counter Zollow, their is still a good chance they will get in Toxic. If Awakened Urs dies to Toxic, the run could potentially be over (UNTESTED). Once Nimoy Bore dies, another should be ready to take this place, making this part of the fight a bit longer.

Once both Nimoy Bores are dead, the path should be relatively clear to rush down Alpacky. Use everything you got to take down Alpacky, but be sure to save Jellycat, Awakened Bahamut Cat, or Awakened Doron for when Alpacky uses their Survive ability. This is the last threat, and the level is officially over.

Recommended Units[]

  • Catellite: It is a fact that Catellite can tank many hits from Aliens, and with its weaken immunity, it becomes a perfect candidate for this stage.
  • Cadaver BearCat: Due to the nature of the stage, it is better to bring units with high damage instead of high health. It will allow you to make money more easily and quickly.
  • Can Can Cat: Its high damage allows you to kill any enemies within seconds. In addition, if you happen to have its target Alien talent unlocked, the Slow ability increases her effectivity in this stage especially against Nimoy Bore.
  • Housewife Cat: Her long-distance attacks will damage backliner enemies, and with her Zombie Killer ability, peons like Zollow will have less opportunities to hit your attackers. Also, having her Savage Blow talent helps.
  • Cat Chief: Their Anti-Zombie abilities make them able to clear all the Zombie peons, particularly good in using their Wave Attack to snipe Zollow before they hit you.