Surge Attacks (also known as Surge attacks, Surges, or surges), or Intense Waves (烈波 Retsu Nami) in the Japanese Version, are a special ability/effect in The Battle Cats. They can be created by certain Cat Units and Enemy Units at a set chance.

A unit creating a Surge Attack


Surge Attacks share many qualities with Shockwaves: they hit all enemies/cats in their range, but don't affect bases, and they deal the same damage as a normal attack from their creator; they will also retain any special ability that the original attack had. Unlike Shockwaves, however, Surge Attacks stay in one spot, dealing damage to opposing units within a range of 170px every 1 second.

Surge Attacks have a level, which, unlike a Shockwave's level, determines how long they will linger on the field for. A level 1 Surge lasts for 40f, and each additional level increases the duration by 20f and allows the Surge to hit the same target one more time.

Unlike Shockwaves, Surge Attacks have a designated area where they can spawn, which varies depending on the unit. This value is independent from the attack range and will determine the minimum and maximum range in which the attack can appear.

Despite looking similar, surges are entirely separate from waves; Immune to Waves, Wave Shield and Resist Wave will not protect against surges, and Evade Surge will not protect against waves.

Notably, the level of the Surge directly correlates to the damage, and as an example, a level 1 Surge attack will deal x2 damage, whereas level 2 will deal x3, and so on.

Surge Attack Units

Cat Units

Enemy Units

  • Kappy Jr. (100% chance for Lv.1 surge at 150~750)
  • St. Dober (33% chance for Lv.3 surge at 150~350)
  • Master Uril (100% chance for Lv.3 surge at 200~450)
  • Surge Base (100% chance for Lv.3 surge at 150~2000)
  • Evil Emperor Cat (100% chance for Lv.2 surge at 600~900)
  • 543 (100% chance for Lv.2 surge at 150~1900)


  • Kappy Jr. and Kasli the Scourge are the first characters that can create Surge Attacks.
  • Enemy Units will create blue surges, and Cat Units will create pink surges.
  • Due to a lack of immunity, animated enemy bases can receive damage from surges.
  • If a unit creates a surge while cursed it's ability will be activated on the surge after the curse wears off (see 6:10 of this video as a demonstration).


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