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Surge Attacks (also known as just Surges), or Intense Waves (烈波 Reppa) in the Japanese Version, are a special ability/effect in The Battle Cats. They can be created by certain Cat Units and Enemy Units at a set chance.

Mystic Uril creating a Surge Attack


Surge Attacks share many qualities with Wave Attacks: they hit all enemies/cats in their range, but don't affect bases, and they deal the same damage as a normal attack from their creator; they will also retain any special ability/effect that the original attack had, except for Target Only. Unlike Wave Attacks, however, Surge Attacks stay in one spot, dealing the original damage of the Cat or Enemy unit to opposing units within a range of 170px every 1 second.

Surge Attacks have a level, which, unlike a Wave Attack's level, determines how long they will linger on the field for. A level 1 Surge lasts for 20f, and each additional level increases the duration by 20f and allows the Surge to hit the same target one more time. Unlike Wave Attacks, Surge Attacks have a designated area where they can spawn, which varies depending on the unit. This value is independent from the attack range and will determine the minimum and maximum range in which the attack can appear.

Despite looking similar, surges are entirely separate from waves; Immune to Waves, Wave Shield and Resist Wave will not protect against surges, and Evade Surge and Resist Surge will not protect against waves. Notably, there is a 15-frame delay before the Surge spawns, and a 20 frame delay between each individual Surge hitbox. The frame delay correlates with each gained Surge level.

To recap:

  1. A Surge has a single spawn point, which is a single point within the Area of Effect.
  2. A Surge has 375 range width. Starting from spawn point, it has 125 outward piercing range and 250 inner range.
  3. Surge cannot harm bases, excluding animated bases found within the Catclaw Dojo and elsewhere.
  4. Surge damage is the same as the damage of base attack. If a unit deals 100 damage, the Surge will deal the same damage with every hit.
  5. The surge carries all effects from the attack that caused it, so if an attack landed a freeze despite a low probability, all hits of the surge will freeze too as a result.
  6. There is a 15f (0.5s) gap time between main attack and Surge spawning.

Calculating Effective DPS of Surge Attackers

DPS of a surge unit can be calculated using the formula: Surge DPS = Base DPS x Surge Level. Following this, a Level 30 Master Uril has a base DPS of 803 and a Surge Level of 3. So his surge carries a DPS of 2409 if all hits connect. This also reflects onto the damage per hit a unit has.

For units who may hit foes with both the main attack and the surge, simply add one to the surge level to get the full DPS of the attack: Maximum DPS = Base DPS + Surge DPS = Base DPS x (Surge Level + 1).

For example, a level 30 Kasli the Bane has a base DPS of 2,931 and a Surge Level of 3. So her surge carries a DPS of 8,793 if all hits connect and, if her initial attack also hits the target, she has an effective DPS of 11,724.


Aftermath is the unofficial name of an ability exclusive to certain Aku Enemies. It is a post-mortem attack, which happens automatically with a short animation once an Aku with this ability dies. Visually, this is represented by a unique Aku soul instead of a regular white soul emerging. This unique-looking Aku soul activates the surge attack before disappearing. The surge, unlike a regular surge attack, spawns directly every time, without the need of a regular attack connecting, plus, since it happens after death, it is not affected by any debuff that may have been applied to the dying enemy before their demise. In other words, there is no way to prevent the surge from happening, nor can the surge be made less problematic by ensuring that the enemy causing it dies with weaken or curse applied.

Aftermath of Condemned Peng's demise


Cat Units

Cat Unit Ability Chance
Headmaster Cat Jobs Lv.1 Surge at 150~1,050 100%
Backhoe Cat Lv.1 Surge at 200~900 50%
Kasli the Scourge Lv.1 Surge at 325~525
(Evolved: Lv.2 at 400~700)
Kasli the Bane Lv.2 Surge at 400~700
(Lv.3 in Evolved Form)
Night Oracle Rei Lv.1 Surge at 250~850 30%
The 6th Lv.3 Surge at 450~1,250 100%
The 10th Angel Lv.2 Surge at 250~950 100%
The 9th Angel Lv.1 Surge at 400~700 100%
Mystic Uril Lv.3 Surge at 400~600 100%
Bikinilan Pasalan Lv.5 Surge at 150~1,050 100%
Adventurer Kanna Lv.2 Surge at 400~700 100%
Elder Mask Doron Lv.1 Surge at 400~1,000
(Lv.3 in Evolved Form)
Jagando Jr. Lv.1 Surge at 150~550 on 3rd hit 100%
Lucifer the Fallen Lv.1 Surge at 250~650 50%
Dancer Cat (Talent) Lv.1 Surge at 480~750 2~20%
Acrobat Cats (Talent) Lv.1 Surge at 400~700 3~30%
Almighty Anubis (Talent) Lv.1 Surge at 200~250 3~30%

Enemy Units

Enemy Ability Chance
Kappy Jr. Lv.1 Surge at 150~750 100%
St. Dober Lv.3 Surge at 150~350 33%
Master Uril Lv.3 Surge at 200~450 100%
Surge Base Lv.3 Surge at 150~2,000 100%
Evil Emperor Cat Lv.2 Surge at 600~900 100%
Raynard Lv.2 Surge at 150~1,900 100%
Elder Flame Doron Lv.8 Surge at 500~1,000 100%
Sinner Snache Aftermath: Lv.1 Surge at 350~750 50%
Condemned Peng Aftermath: Lv.3 Surge at 450~950 100%
Fallen Bear Aftermath: Lv.1 Surge at 450~1,050 100%
Wicked Tank Cat Lv.1 Surge at 150~550 100%
Lord of Ruin Jagando Lv.1 Surge at 150~750 on 3rd hit 30%
Medu-san Lv.1 Surge at 150~750 100%
Red EnerG Lv.2 Surge at 150~350 100%



  • Kappy Jr. and Kasli the Scourge were the first enemy and cat respectively to have Surge Attacks.
  • Just like with Wave Attacks, Enemy Units will create blue surges while Cat Units will create pink surges.
  • Despite being immune to waves, animated enemy bases can receive damage from surges.
  • If a unit creates a surge while cursed, its ability will be activated on the surge after the curse wears off.
  • If a unit with the Attacks Only ability creates a surge, its surge will be able to damage units outside of its target trait/s. This is currently only applicable to Neo Backhoe Cat.
  • The Aftermath ability was added in Version 10.8, but was unimplemented until Version 10.9.
  • For enemies such as Sinner Snache who have a non-100% chance of Aftermath, a normal soul will appear when Aftermath does not trigger while an Aku soul appears when it does trigger. In this respect, Sinner Snache has more than one death animation. There is currently no other way for this to be the case.
  • Aftermath is similar to the Self-Destruct ability from Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou.