Taking the Stage: Hard is the first stage in Actress Awakens!.


The Enemy Boss, Beefcake Cat (Enemy), has over 1 million health, insanely fast attacking speed, and averagely high damage. This makes the stage a nightmare for starters.


Strategy 1:

Cat Lineup: Macho Cat (Level 20+10 at least), Wall Cat (Level 20+10 at least), Madam Sumo (Level 20 at least), Sexy Legs Cat (Level 20+10 at least), Dragon Cat (Level 20+10 at least) and Bahamut Cat (level 20 at least).

Only spawn Bahamut when Beefcake Cat is halfway towards your base.

Strategy 2:

Cat Lineup: 4 meatshields, 3-4 mid-long range attackers like Dragon, Macho Leg and Paris, and 2-3 long range attackers like Bahamut and any Uber that has long-range. Ururun will greatly help you if you have her.

Start off by stalling the Heavenly Hippoes and chunk off their health slowly by putting down few mid-long range attackers. Players should have a full Wallet by the end. Spam everything once you're ready. Otherwise, the player can keep saving up and trigger the boss using mid-long range attackers. After the boss has appeared, let it come closer to your base and start spamming. Never ever stop spamming meatshields!

Strategy 3:

This strategy is for mid game players.

Eye of the Storm might be useful

You need both walls (or erasers), Jiangshi, Cyborg, and Jamiera cat

Jamiera cat and the meatshields will kill the peons and cyborg cat will eat the health of beefcake. This will work because cyborg and the meatshields can kill crazed titan, so why cant it beat an easier stage?

-BrokenGBA Yt


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