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Talent Orbs (本能玉 Hon'nō-dama, Instinct Orbs), also just known as Orbs, are a feature implemented in Version 9.7. This feature allows players to improve the health, damage or abilities of certain True Form and Ultra Form Cats against one of many enemy traits. Talent Orbs become available after clearing Into the Future Chapter 3.


A Talent Orb is a type of item which can be given to a unit from the Upgrade Menu by going left in the Talents upgrade screen. Each unit can only hold one Talent Orb at a time, except for Uber Rare Cats at level 60 or above, which can equip up to two Talent Orbs. Once equipped, a Talent Orb can still be powered up through merging, or it can be removed for 10 NP. Talent Orbs exist in different grades and can be obtained from certain Enigma Stages, Island of Hidden Treasure and Colossus Gauntlets or by merging lower-grade Talent Orbs with the exact same type, target and grade. Talent Orbs have their own section in the Storage alongside Cats and Catfruit, where they can be merged or sold for NP.

Grade Merging




S A (x3) 25
A B (x3) 7
B C (x2) 2
C D (x2) 1
D - 1

Orb Types[]

There are currently 205 different Orbs, each with a Grade, Target and Type.


  • S (highest; best effect)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D (lowest; minimal effect)



  • Attack Up: Deals more damage to Target.
  • Defense Up: Receives less damage from Target.
  • Strong Effect Up: Reduces all damage taken from a trait, as well as increasing the damage multiplier from the "Strong Against" ability. Can only be equipped by units with Strong Against abilities targeting the same trait as the Orb.
  • Massive Damage Up: Increases the damage multiplier from the Massive Damage ability. Can only be equipped by units with Massive Damage abilities targeting the same trait as the Orb.
  • Tough Effect Up: Improves the damage reduction from the Resistant ability. Can only be equipped by units with Resistant abilities targeting the same trait as the Orb.

Note: Talent Orbs do not add a target trait to units with anti-trait abilities, but merely improve attack, defense or abilities against that target trait. For example: If Roe Cat is given a Defense Up S: Floating Orb, it will be able to resist Floating attacks more than non-Red, though not as much as Red, but it cannot weaken Floating. However, when Cursed, it'll resist Floating attacks better than Red.


Strong Effect Up
Orb Grade Orb Effect Secondary Orb Effect
S +0.3x Attack Multiplier -10% Damage Reduction
A +0.24x Attack Multiplier -8% Damage Reduction
B +0.18x Attack Multiplier -6% Damage Reduction
C +0.12x Attack Multiplier -4% Damage Reduction
D +0.06x Attack Multiplier -2% Damage Reduction
Massive Damage Up
Orb Grade Orb Effect
S Attack Multiplier +0.5x
A Attack Multiplier +0.4x
B Attack Multiplier +0.3x
C Attack Multiplier +0.2x
D Attack Multiplier +0.1x
Tough Effect Up
Orb Grade Orb Effect
S -25% Damage Taken
A -20% Damage Taken
B -15% Damage Taken
C -10% Damage Taken
D -5% Damage Taken
Defense Up
Orb Grade Orb Effect
S +20% Damage Reduction
A +16% Damage Reduction
B +12% Damage Reduction
C +8% Damage Reduction
D +4% Damage Reduction
Attack Up
Orb Grade Orb Effect
S +(5 x IS*) AP
A +(4 x IS*) AP
B +(3 x IS*) AP
C +(2 x IS*) AP
D +(1 x IS*) AP
* IS = Initial Stat = Units' attack power without any level upgrades, Talents or Treasures.
Attack Up Orbs' effects are additive and do not stack with any offensive abilities.

Talent Orb Stages[]

Stages with Talent Orbs
Type Enigma Stages Island of Hidden Treasure Gauntlet Continuation Stages
Red Red Cradle, Red Summit, Red Frontier Crimson Dawn, Crimson Apex, Crimson Refuge Baron Seal Strikes: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Floating Sky Cradle, Sky Summit, Sky Frontier Cheerful Dawn, Cheerful Apex, Cheerful Refuge Mega Menace: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Black Black Cradle, Black Summit, Black Frontier Ebony Dawn, Ebony Apex, Ebony Refuge Le'Grim Strikes: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Metal Steel Cradle, Steel Summit, Steel Frontier Adamantine Dawn, Adamantine Apex, Adamantine Refuge N/A
Angel Holy Cradle, Holy Summit, Holy Frontier Holy Dawn, Holy Apex, Holy Refuge Divine Archangel Strikes: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Alien Cosmic Cradle, Cosmic Summit, Cosmic Frontier Azure Dawn, Azure Apex, Azure Refuge Horrorpotamus: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Zombie Necro Cradle, Necro Summit, Necro Frontier Rotten Dawn, Rotten Apex, Rotten Refuge Big Peng Z Strikes: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Relic Relic Cradle, Relic Summit, Relic Frontier N/A Gigahaniwan Strikes!: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness
Aku Bad Instinct's Origin, Bad Instinct's Apex, Bad Instinct's Refuge N/A Attack of the Omens: Cradle Wilderness, Summit Wilderness, Frontier Wilderness

Drop Rates[]

Probability of each Level of Orb from Orb Enigma Stages[]

Non-Relic/Aku Orb Enigmas & Island of Hidden Treasure
Area Ability Orb D Stat Orb D Stat Orb C Stat Orb B Stat Orb A
Cradle/Dawn 3% 82% 15% - -
Summit/Apex 4.5% 75.5% 17% 3% -
Frontier/Refuge 6% 65% 22% 7% -
Relic/Aku Orb Enigmas & Gauntlet Continuation Stages
Area Ability Orb D Ability Orb C Ability Orb B Ability Orb A Stat Orb D Stat Orb C Stat Orb B Stat Orb A
Cradle 60% 15% - - 20% 5% - -
Summit - 60% 15% - - 20% 5% -
Frontier - - 60% 15% - - 20% 5%
Ability Orbs are Strong Effect, Massive Damage, and Tough Effect Orbs. Stat Orbs are Attack Up and Defense Up Orbs.

Gauntlet Continuation Stage Appearance Rates[]

Appearance %age of Continuation Stage
Gauntlet Stage Cradle Wilderness Summit Wilderness Frontier Wilderness
Lv.1 1% - -
Lv.2 3% - -
Lv.3 7% - -
Lv.4 11% - -
Lv.5 15% - -
Lv.6 18% - -
Lv.7 21% - -
Lv.8 24% - -
Lv.9 27% - -
Lv.10 30% - -
Lv.11 34% 1% -
Lv.12 36% 2% -
Lv.13 40% 3% -
Lv.14 46% 5% -
Lv.15 50% 10% -
Lv.16 78% 21% 1%
Lv.17 77% 21% 2%
Lv.18 72% 25% 3%
Lv.19 69% 26% 5%
Lv.20 59% 31% 10%


  • Just like Talents and Ultra Talents, Orbs only take effect for a unit's True/Ultra Form.
  • Despite being trait-specific, Orbs are not nullified by the Curse effect.
  • To determine how much damage an Attack Up Orb will add to a given unit, go to the unit's article on this wiki, scroll down to "Stats", click "Detailed", click the "OFF" button next to "Stats Modifier", set Attack Treasure to 0, set the True Form/Ultra Form unit's level to 1+0, and multiply the attack stat displayed by 1 to 5 depending on the Orb's grade. This cannot be done on the mobile version of the site.
  • The bonus damage from Attack Up Orbs is a flat increase completely unaffected by all damage multipliers, including Weaken and even the 80% damage reduction applied to Mini-Waves and Mini-Surges. Technically, this means units with multi-level Mini-Surges (e.g., Talented Master of the Pacific, Ultra Talented Divine Coppermine) can reap more benefit from Attack Up Talent Orbs than any other unit.
  • For multi-hit attackers, the bonus damage from Attack Up Orbs is divided using the same formula as the multi-hit. For example, Mystican Pasalan has an initial attack stat of 2,400, with a multi-hit attack that deals 50% damage on the first hit and 50% on the second hit; the result is that an Attack Up S Orb (initial attack stat x5) would add 6,000 damage to the first hit and 6,000 to the second hit for a total of 12,000 extra damage.
  • Since Attack Up Orbs' buff doesn't scale with level, it effectively gives diminishing returns as its user is upgraded (e.g., a level 31 unit receives proportionally less benefit than one at level 30). This goes even more so for units reliant on damage-boosting abilities such as Strengthen or Massive Damage.
  • Purchasable Special Cats and Li'l Cats have very low initial stats, meaning most of them gain only a minuscule amount of extra damage from Attack Up Orbs, especially those of lower grades.
  • Ability Orbs can only be used to improve the abilities of units against their existing targets. For example, Dark Lazer can be given a Strong Effect Up: Red or Black Orb to make her pre-existing Strong Against Red/Black ability even more effective, but she can't equip Strong Effect Up Orbs of other traits such as Floating or Angel.
  • Tough Effect/Massive Damage Up Orbs are always better than Defense/Attack Up Orbs at improving units' health/damage against their targeted traits. For example, a Massive Damage Up: Red Orb would improve Elemental Duelist Cat's damage vs. Red enemies more than an Attack Up: Red Orb of the same rank, therefore the only advantage of giving him an Attack Up Orb would be to improve his performance against a different trait outside of his targets.
  • Massive Damage Up Orbs cannot be given to units with Insane Damage, and Tough Effect Up Orbs cannot be given to units with Insanely Tough.
  • When farming Orbs for NP, it is more efficient to sell Orbs of grade D than to save them for merges. For all other Orbs it is most efficient to merge them all the way to S, then sell it if it's Attack, and either sell or use it if it's Defense.



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