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Tales of the Nekoluga (伝説のネコルガ族 densetsu no nekoluga zoku, (Lit. The Legendary Nekoluga Family) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in The Battle Cats. The Tales of the Nekoluga Event was added since April 27th, 2015 in The Battle Cats.


Players have a chance to get the following Uber Rare characters as well as a hidden Legend Rare:

▼Legend Rare
Normal: Legeluga Evolved: Legelan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Legelan Pasalan
Assault unit with high powered, rapid attacks!
Resistant to various status effects and immune to Wave damage (Omni-Strike)
▼Uber Rare
Normal: Nekoluga Evolved: Unknown Cat
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Unknown Cat
Massive range with massive power, and 100% knockback vs all non-Metal enemies (Area Attack)
Normal: Balaluga Evolved: Balalan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Balalan Pasalan
100% chance to freeze enemies at super range! (Area Attack)
Normal: Asiluga Evolved: Asilan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Asilan Pasalan
100% chance to slow enemies at super range! (Area Attack)
Normal: Tecoluga Evolved: Tesalan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Tesalan Pasalan
HUGE damage vs a single enemy with a chance of criticals - the "boss killer"!
Normal: Kubiluga Evolved: Kubilan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Kubilan Pasalan
Super long-range wave attack will 100% knockback all enemies (Area Attack)
Normal: Togeluga Evolved: Togelan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Togelan Pasalan
A Luga with massive damage at looooong range, who survives one lethal attack and gets stronger as she takes damage!
Normal: Nobiluga Evolved: Nobilan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Nobilan Pasalan
Smash groups of enemies at a distance with Long-Range Area Attacks! (Misses close-up enemies, though...)
Plus, super-resistant to negative effects and Wave Attacks!!
Normal: Papaluga Evolved: Papalan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Papalan Pasalan
Long-range Area attacks that 100% Curse non-Metal.
Plus, Immune to enemy Curses!
Normal: Furiluga Evolved: Furilan Pasalan
Could be a Cat? Or could be something much weirder.
Furilan Pasalan
Long-range assault unit whose Area Attacks are
guaranteed to Break Barriers and Pierce Shields.

▼VIP Uber Rare

Normal: Mimiluga Evolved: Mimilan Pasalan
A mysterious character whose identity is completely unknown, whether it is a cat or something else.
Mimilan Pasalan
Occasionally inflicts a variety of disturbing attacks against enemies of all attributes and kitten armies when attacking.
Strong against kitten armies (Ranged Attacks).
▼Super Rare ▼Rare
Driller Cat Piledriver Cat Cutter Cat Backhoe Cat Miter Saw Cat
Regular Super Rare drops, Driller Cat, Piledriver Cat, Cutter Cat, Backhoe Cat, Miter Saw Cat Regular Rare drops



  • This is the first ever Uber Set of The Battle Cats, with Nekoluga being the first member.
  • The Lugas are cat-abominations, each with a different trait that makes them unique, which is mentioned in their respective description. Their weirdness comes from a bony body with some parts stretched, different in each member. Unknown Cat has a long build overall, Asilan has long legs, Kubilan has long neck, Tesalan has long arms, Balalan has his limbs seperated, Togelan has many spikes, Nobilan has a curly body and Papalan looks like Unknown Cat, but very old and fragile.
  • Most of their names are taken from words related to what part of them is abnormal in their evolved form (some already seen on their normal form)
    • Neko-luga; taken from ネコ/neko/cat to connect the whole family to Battle Cats
    • Asi-luga; taken from 脚/ashi/leg
    • Kubi-luga; taken from 首/kubi/neck
    • Te-coluga; taken from 手/te/hand
    • Bala-luga; taken from ばらばら/bara bara/scattered
    • Toge-luga; taken from 棘/toge/spike
    • Nobi-luga; taken from のびる/nobiru/stretches
    • Papa-luga; taken from papa/father
    • Furi-luga; taken from fury
    • Lege-luga; taken from legend
  • All of their True Forms reference some kind of popular Japanese media, mostly shows or manga/anime.
    • Ultralan Pasalan's references Ultraman, the main character of the eponymous show.
    • Assassinlan Pasalan is a reference to Kenshiro from the anime Fist of the North Star.
    • E. Kubilan Pasalan is based on E.Honda from the popular arcade game Street Fighters.
    • Lufalan Pasalan is based on Monkey D. Luffy from the anime One Piece.
    • Piccolan Pasalan resembles Sachiel from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    • Shishilan Pasalan resembles the Night Walker from the popular film Princess Mononoke.
    • Nobilan Pasalan's True Form either resembles Ging Freecss from the anime Hunter x Hunter, or the main hero from the videogame Dragon Quest V.
    • Papalan Pasalan's True Form resembles Mitsuemon, the false identity of Tokugawa Mitsukuni in the long-running period drama Mito Kōmon.
  • If the player enters the Rare Cat Capsule in an outdated version of the game, this is the only available Uber Rare set (unless all Lugas are not added in that update yet, the same for other Uber Rare sets)
  • The main role of the set aims for Support Units that can target all types, while being extremely useless in Normal Form.
  • All Ubers in this set share a cost of 4,500¢, with the exception of Nobiluga's true form, who costs 2,250¢.
  • The poster for this set refers to Togelan Pasalan as "she", although it is usually referred to as a "he". Because of the conflicting descriptions, however, Togelan is best assumed genderless. This is supported by the character text describing Shishlan as an "Ancient god who bridges the worlds of the living and the dead".
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