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Existence Elsewhere[]

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Princess Punt Sweets[]

He appears as a boss enemy, along with J.K Bun Bun.

Princess Punt Bun Bun
Princess Punt boss rush

Merc Storia[]

Teacher Bun Bun appears in Merc Storia as a 4★ monster introduced in the second collaboration between the two games. It appears in collaboration stages during the event duration and can be obtained through them.

ぶんぶん先生 (Bun Bun-Sensei, Teacher Bun Bun)
MS Teacher Bun Bun
Rarity 4★
Element Fire
Skin Type Normal
Size 1.000 Minimum
1.800 Maximum
Target(s) 3
Hit(s) 1
Movement Speed 48
Attack Speed 2.02
Reach 25
Toughness 60
Range 50
Description Translation

Nyanko Daibōsō[]

Teacher Bun Bun was the main antagonist of Nyanko Daibōsō, where he would periodically appear in front of the player's cat for a few seconds and drop coins every time he took damage.

ND Teacher Bun Bun

Mr.Ninja!! Fever[]

He appeared as a Super Rare familiar obtainable via the gacha system.

Familiar128x128 032
Fever boost +50%
Score +10%
Special move -2.5s

Metal Slug[]

Teacher Bun Bun appears as a collaboration enemy and unit.

MSD Teacher Bun Bun

Kyoutou Project[]

Before Kyoutou Project was removed, Teacher Bun Bun appeared in it as an enemy and obtainable collaboration unit.

ぶんぶん先生 (Bun Bun-Sensei, Teacher Bun Bun)
Rarity EX
Cost 5,000
Health 6,700
Number of Attackers 1
Range 60
Style Proximity
Attribute Cat
Damage 4,200
Number of Attacks 1
Speed 552
Description Translation
Former teacher of Teacher Bear. A dangerous teacher who
screams, "My physical punishment is love!"
while punching you. His merciless fist
is expected as a monster parent killer.

Nyanko Defence Force[]

Teacher Bun Bun and Relic Bun-Bun had several new variants that could be fought as bosses or Raid Bosses. They would constantly shoot large plasma balls from their mouths or their fists. Li'l Bun Bun was also present as a regular enemy, and would appear every now and then to create a barricade from attacking the enemy ships; if defeated, he would drop a plethora of rewards.

Teacher Bun Bun's head could also be seen on the icons of two abilities: Boss Killer simply increased damage against all bosses by 50%, while Boss-chasing Shots allowed all shots to home in on bosses.

ぶんぶん校長 (Principal Bun Bun) フローズン ぶんぶん校長 (Frozen Bun Bun) Christmas Bun Bun 大将 ブンブン校長運命 (General Bun Bun) 溶岩 ぶんぶん校長 (Lava Bun Bun) 闇 ぶんぶん校長 (Umbral Bun Bun)
Frozen Bun Bun
General bun bun
U. Bun Bun
ボスキラー (Boss Killer Skill) ボス追撃ショット (Boss-chasing Shot Skill)
Skill 1
Skill 12