Cat Unit # {{{Cat Unit Number}}}
{{{cat category}}}
{{{Normal Form name}}} {{{Evolved Form name}}}
[[File:{{{image1}}}|thumb|center|Normal Form]] [[File:{{{image2}}}|thumb|center|Evolved Form]]


This template is for displaying cats. It is a flexible template designed to handle both true form cats, and cats with only evolved forms.



{{Template:Cat Appearance
|Cat Unit Number = Put the cat unit number here, please follow Cat Release Order page for the cat's ID.
|cat category = Insert the category here.
|Normal Form name = 
|Evolved Form name = 
|True Form name = Put the true form name here. LEAVE IT BLANK IF THERE IS NO TRUE FORM.
|image1 = Put the normal form image here.
|image2 = Put the evolved form image here.
|image3 = Put the true form image here. LEAVE THIS BLANK IF THE CAT HAS NO TRUE FORM.}}


Only evolved and normal forms

{{Template:Cat Appearance
|Cat Unit Number = 171
|cat category = [[:Category:Uber Rare Cats|Uber Rare Cat]]
|Normal Form name = Balaluga
|Evolved Form name = Balalan Pasalan
|image1 = 171normal.png
|image2 = 171evo.png}}
Cat Unit # 171
Uber Rare Cat
Balaluga Balalan Pasalan

Normal Form


Evolved Form

Normal, Evolved, and true forms

{{Template:Cat Appearance
|Cat Unit Number = 22
|cat category = [[:category:Special Cats|Special Cat]]
|Normal Form name = Boogie Cat
|Evolved Form name = Samba Cat
|True Form name = Gato Amigo
|image1 = IMG_0164-1-.png
|image2 = IMG_0165-1-.png
|image3 = Screenshot_2015-05-03-11-06-50.png
Cat Unit # 22
Special Cat

IMG 0164-1-

IMG 0165-1-

Screenshot 2015-05-03-11-06-50

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