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Test of Might: "Ranma 1/2" (強襲!らんま1/2, Kyōshū! Ranma1/2, Assault! Ranma 1/2) is a Ranma 1/2 collaboration stage added in the Version 11.7 Update. This Gauntlet features many enemies from the collab.



Test of Might: "Ranma 1/2" contains a total of 30 No Continues stages. After beating three stages, the player must wait for 90 minutes before they may proceed to the next one (30 minutes for one available). Rewards for the first completion of a stage can include XP, Battle Items, Tickets and Leaderships. The rewards reset with every appearance of the event.

Stage Battlegrounds[]

See Test of Might: "Ranma 1/2"/Showdown!: Part 1~30.

Play Requirements[]

  • Test of Might: "Ranma 1/2" is unlocked after clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 1.

List of Stages[]

English Version Japanese Version Translation
Stages 1~30 Showdown!: Part 1~30 対決!PART.1~30 (Taiketsu!PART.1~30) Showdown! PART.1~30

First Schedule[]

Japanese Version[]

  • ?

English Version[]

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