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The Aku Realms Opening (EN)
The Aku Realms Ending (EN)

Behold, it is I, Priest Mamon!
Dread master of the Realms of Aku!
...Nice to meet you.

Soon, my nine-year long
quest to bring the Aku Realms
under my total domination will
enter its final stage...

It has been a perilous journey...

Endless foreboding! Constant agonies!
Pandemonium! Wickedness rampant!
Tedium, disgrace and obligation!

I get a little emotional just
remembering all those good times.

Little by little, we have drawn life
force from other realms to weaken
the arcane seals that have trapped
the Lord of Ruin in eternal slumber.

We will add the power of the revived
Lord of Ruin to our legion of evil, and
complete our rule of the Aku Realms.


...what's this??
A weirdly cute army, brimming with
life energy, have broken the barrier
between mortal realms and our world.

The Gates of Aku have opened!

We must seal the Gates before...
What's this? "Meow meow"?!?!
How uncouth! How annoying!

No matter.
Such foolish creatures...
let us call them... "Cats"...
We shall deal with them in time.

There are more pressing matters:
A crystal of awakening has been
found in the caldera of Mount Aku!

We must find it immediately!
With the crystal's power, the ritual of
rebirth for the Lord of Ruin can begin!

And if some fool does dare interfere...
the dark magics of the Aku Altars
will weaken them enough that our
armies can crush them with ease.

A flawless plan! We cannot be stopped!

And so...
The Aku Realms: Dark Priest's Desire
begins! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And so
the freshly awoken Lord of Ruin
was once again sealed into
eternal slumber by the Cats.

Our ambitions of total domination
of the Aku Realms, plotted for
so long... all in vain...

A netherworld ruled
by the Cats, for the Cats...
uniting all planes of
existence in one grand empire.

That was the plan, but...
in the end, nothing really
changed for daily life
among the Aku.

The one big change is that
now all Aku pacts with mortal
beings now include a signing
bonus of extra Cat Food.

But it's none of my business now...

The Seals created by the Aku Altars
to drain away life energy to the
dark Realms have all been dispelled.

I too... have lost everything...

From the shadows,
I watched the war between Cats
and the Lord of Ruin unfold.

Just before the Lord of Ruin was
sent back to his eternal slumber,
something came out of his mouth.

It looked like the Cats took it
back as a souvenir. If only I'd
realized sooner just what it was!

And so, several days later...

With my ambitions crushed, I returned
to the mortal world for the first time
in many years. Family and friends,
gathered for dinner and then a
stroll around the smoking caldera...

And somehow, I felt like I could
find happiness in a simple life,
free of domination and destruction.

Also... thank you,
Battle Cats...

We'll surely meet again,
Battle Cats. Just you wait...