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This article is about the Nintendo 3DS Game. For the Special Event, see this page.

The Battle Cats POP! (とびだす!にゃんこ大戦争, Tobidasu! Nyanko Daisensō, Jump Out! Nyanko Great War) is the 3DS version of Battle Cats. Developed by PONOS.


Known Initially

There are 3 new features:

  • Save Data: The Battle Cats POP! supports multiple save files rather than one to allow multiple family members or friends play on the same downloaded software without having to worry about making any mistakes with others' progress.
  • Save 「セーブ」: Unlike its mobile counterparts, The Battle Cats POP! includes a manual save functionality which can be used anytime in the main menu.
  • VS Mode: Two players can go head to head in a heated battle against each other. Each player chooses up to 10 Cat Units to try and destroy the others base. There is one extra addition to VS Mode known as "Get Help Bonus Spin", this feature allows the player to gamble for a special bonus to use against the opposing player, these bonuses range from:

  • Recovery: Player's Cat Units' recharge time decreased.
  • Cat Cannon: Acts like the regular Cat Cannon attack.
  • Cost Down: Lowers the cost of the player's Cat Units.
  • Max Money: Maxes player's wallet.
  • Efficiency Up: Increases the player's efficiency level.
  • Fast Recovery: Player's Cat Units' recharge time decreased even further.
  • Healing: Heals the player's Cat Units' health.
  • Baby Boom: Acts like the regular Baby Boom Attack.
  • Attack Up: Increases the player's Cat Units' attack.
  • Defense Up: Increases the player's Cat Units' health.
  • Move Speed Up: Increases the player's Cat Units' speed.

  • Slow: Slows the opposing player's Cat Units.
  • Knockback: Activates a boss shockwave knocking opposing player's Cat Units back.
  • Freeze: Freezes the opposing player's Cat Units.

  • Version Differences

    Mobile and 3DS

    • The names of several of the cats have been changed and some of the descriptions may be different (most likely due to space limitations on the 3DS hardware). As the game progresses, more Uber sets to draw from become available. Nekoluga can be obtained in any one of the sets, making it the easiest to obtain.
    • Some enemy units that do not show up in the mobile versions dictionary due to being Event Enemies are in the dictionary for BCP!, those being Dark Emperor Santa and Chief Peng.
      For the name changes, see this page.
    • The Normal Cat Capsule does not appear like the Rare Cat Capsule does. Instead, you can get True Forms for Normal Cats by simply leveling them up to 20.
    • Special Cats are bought with XP instead of Cat Food, and do not have their True Forms.
      • Since the Special Cats do not have their True Forms, the Rare, Super Rare and Uber Rare also do not have True Forms.
    • The Rare Cat Capsule plus levels have been significantly dropped to a lower level cap.
    • The Rare Cat Capsule also includes the Monthly, Cyclone, and Crazed event cat rewards, as well as Singer Cat, Moneko, Bean Cats and Flower Cat all of which can be obtained in any Uber set in their respective rarity level. (With the exception of Singer, Moneko, Bean Cats and Flower Cat which are now Super Rare instead of Special).
    • Ururun Wolf appears as the final boss of Chapter 3, and may be obtained upon completion of the final stage. The player will receive Bahamut Cat as a reward for completing the game.
      • Note: Since Bahamut Cat is a 100% chance reward for the first time reward, Treasure Radars cannot be used to obtain Ururun Wolf, leaving you to be forced to deal with the 5% drop chance.
    • The Legend Stages are unavailable in The Battle Cats POP!. The same goes for all features added in The Battle Cats Version 4.0 and beyond, such as Into the Future, Cats of the Cosmos, Zombie Outbreaks, Catclaw Dojo, Ototo Corps and more.
    • Obtaining a duplicate Treasure grants the player a set amount of Cat Food.
      • Inferior grants 1 Cat Food.
      • Normal grants 2 Cat Food.
      • Superior grants 3 Cat Food.



    • Despite Cabaret Cat not being released outside of the Japanese Version, it appears in The Battle Cats POP! with full English translations.

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