A "collaboration event" between mobile version and Nintendo 3DS version of Battle Cats.

Event period: June 2nd, 2015 to June 23rd, 2015 (10:59)


During event, when player taps the "Battle Start!" button in Stories of Legend, new event stages: "Tobidasu! Nyanko daisensō" has been emerged! In this event, new character "Nyanko Kart R" only available at extremely high probability. The more difficult stage cleared, more chance to get this character, but in one-shot if the player turn on "Treasure Radar" before battle, which can be bought at any time in the Shop Items.

List of Levels

Japanese Version name translation
Stage 1 にゃんこが3Dでとびだす! ?
Stage 2 なんと友達と対戦! ?
Stage 3 友達と激アツバトル! ?
Stage 4 777円で遊び放題! ?
Stage 5 追加課金無し! ?
Stage 6 超激レアをゲットせよ! ?
Stage 7 舞台は日本から世界! ?
Stage 8 ニンテンドーeショップへ急げ! ?


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