Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available in the English version of The Battle Cats.

The Battle Cats Together! celebrates 300k downloads on the Battle Cats Nintendo Switch. This event contains an exclusive cat and special stages.


List of Levels

The Battle Cats Together!


JP Name Translation
Stage 1 ふたりで遊べる大戦争! A Great War Where Two People Can Play!
Stage 2 息を合わせて超にゃんこ砲! Let's Breathe Together And Get a Super Cat!
Stage 3 登場にゃんこは350以上! More Than 350 Cats have Appeared!
Stage 4 999円で遊び放題! All You Can Play For 999 Yen!
Stage 5 レジェンドストーリーも登場! Legend Story also Appeared!
Stage 6 オマケにミニゲームも遊べる! You Can Also Play Mini Games On The Bonus!
Stage 7 ニンテンドーeショップへGO! Go to Nintendo eShop!
Stage 8 でも一番面白いのはアプリ版! But The Most Interesting is the App Version!


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