Machines, Icegirls, Berserkers, Babies, Demons... and even a Nurse thrown in there for good measure! It's the ragtag group of no-goodniks known as the famous Dynamites! Run, don't walk, to the Rare Capsule Machine to collect these modern Uber Rare wonders! - PONOS' announcement on Facebook.

The Dynamites (超激ダイナマイツ chō geki dainamaitsu, Lit. Super Super Dynamites) is one of the first Rare Cat Capsule events in The Battle Cats. This event was implemented on November 30th, 2013 with initially 5 characters, since June 7th, 2018 the 7th member of this set was added, Cat Clan Heroes


By playing the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha during this event, players have a chance to get these Uber Rare characters:

Also get a chance to obtain Legend Rare unit Wonder MOMOCO during this event!



  • This is the first Rare Cat Capsule event to first appear with multiple characters and is the second Rare Cat Capsule event ever in the game, after Nekoluga Campaign.
  • The theme of this Uber set is cheap price & fast recharge compared to other Uber Rares (with the exception of Lasvoss.
  • The Dynamites is the third Uber set where all 6 (earlier) units had True Forms, the first being Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors and the second being Tales of the Nekoluga.
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