The Pure Land is an Advent Stage that consists of a boss fight against Black Okame. It is a No Continues stage and is unlocked after clearing River Acheron. When clearing this stage, the player has a chance to unlock Medusa Cat.


  • Black Okame spawns as the boss after 3.3 seconds100f.
  • After 13.3 seconds400f, Doge Dark starts spawning every 29.3~32 seconds880~990f.
  • After 26.7 seconds800f, 5 Gory Blacks and 3 Ginger Snaches spawn every 58.7~60 seconds1760~1800f and 5.3~8 seconds160~240f, respectively.
  • After 86.7 seconds2600f, 3 more Doge Darks spawn, delay 2~4 seconds.
  • After 146.7 seconds4400f, 3 more Ginger Snaches spawn, delay 1~3.3 seconds30~100f.
  • After 193.3 seconds5800f, 3 more Doge Darks spawn, delay 3.3~6 seconds100~180f.
  • After 253.3 seconds7600f, 3 more Ginger Snaches spawn, delay 6.7~9.3 seconds200~280f.


The name of this game is stalling and burst damage. With that 100% Knockback, Okame will have no problem pushing through nearly any unit that stands in its path. Short-ranged, slow attackers are not recommend for the boss, since they'll most likely be beaten into submission with that 800 Omnistrike. 

Rushdown untis such as Bullet Train, Fishman, Awakened Bahamut , and Power Cutter are recommened to slowly chip away at Okame's health. With their high speed, they will also force Okame to stand still, which is important if your strategy is based on stalling Okame.

Extra long range units like Cyberpunk or Assassinlan Pasalan can also be used for extra damage and effects whilst at a safe distance.

If used at the right time, units like PaiPai or Musashi Miyamoto can also have great effect,especially the latter, who can almost solo the stage.

Keep in mind that the peons that are periodically sent throughout the level. They will have no problem ripping away at your units and tearing a hole in your plan. Units like Pizza Cat and Dual Islands can help negate this issue. Don't underestimate your other units as well; Fishman can pull their weight as well. If you absolutely must, try to stack them and kill them all with Awakened Bahamut. Don't rely on this too much, as you may end up wasting time trying to get the enemies to sync, when you could just take them out normally. Stall with Manic Eraser and Roe, keep Okame at bay, be wary of peons, and (hopefully) you'll be able to wear him down enough to deliver the killing blow. (Breakerblast does wonders here). 

Strategy 1 (Uberless, no Talents)

Recommended lineup:

2020 1

Jamiera Cat did nothing, replace him with an Uber Rare. Pizza Cat had Talents, but they were not needed.

Bullet Train Cat, Pizza Cat and Power Cutter Cat should be as high-level as possible. Do not replace Pizza with other anti-Blacks unless you have no choice. Roe Cat is fine at level 30.

Keep in mind that this stage is a single boss with periodic and sparce waves of enemies, therefore, as long as you have a way to not let Okame advance despite the other enemies, you will eventually kill it.


Start with Cutter for free damage, then let the first Doge Dark get closer and defeat him with Bullet Train, then start summoning Erasers.

The second step is to summon Cyberpunk and start "spamming" Roes for the rest of the fight.
2020 02

This was taken at the beggining of the fight, once Okame met the real line of defence

The general idea is that the Roes will stop Okame, Cutter will damage it, Pizza will clear the peons after the defense line breaks, Cyberpunk will limit the pushback and the Breakerblast Cannon will reposition Okame further back after Pizza kills the peons and the defense line is restored.

Your Cyberpunks will die, but you should be able to respawn them often enough to keep up with Okame.

Rince and repeat 'till you win!

2020 03

The ghost above Doge Dark is Okame, notice how the frontline barely moved.

You may not win, in that case, try again while being more careful about this: Always spam Roes. Spam Manic Erasers and Pizza only when peons are coming/present. Save Bullet Train for Doge Darks or Ginger Snaches when no Gory Black is around. Save Cutter for Okame or panic situations. Ramen is there for Combos only. Do not use Jamiera. Add a sniper cat or give talents/levels to your units if it's still out of your reach.

Strategy 2 (ft. Kasa Jizo and Immortal Yukimura)

Treasures Required: All Void Fruits and Blood Fruits from Into the Future's 3 chapters.


Necro-Dancer Cat, Skelecat, Hyper Mr., Immortal Yukimura (lv.45), Awakened Bahamut Cat (lv.40), Manic Island Cat (lv.31),Bullet Train Cat (lv.45), Roe Cat (lv.31), Kasa Jizo (lv.50), [last slot free]

The first 3 cats are only there for the Combos they provide.


The objective is to make Immortal Yukimura land 7 hits on Black Okame.

Star by sending out Bullet Train Cat to stop Okame from advancing and dealing him some cheap damage, then upgrading your Worker Cat to level 3.

While he finishes chewing on it, wait for money to reach 1200, then you want to start sending out Kasa Jizos at a constant rate. At this moment the first Doge Dark should spawn, running to his death into the storm of Kasa Jizos. You may now may start summoning your anti-Red units (Manic Island Cat and Roe Cat) and stop spawning Kasa Jizos. The first stream of Black enemies should be coming in too, but they shouldn't be a problem thanks to the Jizo army... so... now back to your anti-Reds.

Now you need to start sending out both Manic Island Cat and Roe Cat, because Jizo is not a big threat to the group of Ginger Snaches that follows the wave of black folks. They will kill them and stall the boss for a bit, but you may now notice that a little and very annoying Doge Dark decided to come in to ruin this beautiful stalling moment, so you need to wait for it to be hit by the anti-Red cats and then quickly time your Bullet Train Cat to hit it. This event will give you enough money to summon Yukimura, so you may now stop a moment, level up your quick-thinking skills and time your Uber to not be hit by Okame. (MAKE SURE HE'S WEAKENED!!)

Additionally, if you want you can try timing your Cat Cannon to get Yukimura in Okame's blind spot, making your work end much earlier (if you can't, this strategy works too so don't fret).

Now you should resume summoning both Manic Island Cat and Roe Cat so as to make sure that the boss doesn't move.

By the time Yukimura is dead (he should've dealt 3 hits) another Doge Dark should join the party, to make you know that the second wave of Black enemies is near. If Bullet Train Cat is ready to be deployed, send it out against the Doge Dark as it approaches your Roe Cats in the frontline. If timed correctly, your Bullet Train will get knocked back and hit the Doge Dark again, filling your pockets with sweet cash. Meanwhile, you need to stop sending out anti-Reds and start the Jizo swarm again.

After repeating the previous actions to kill the Gory Black and the Doge Darks along with the 3 Ginger Snaches, you may now send out another Yukimura as soon as Black Okame is weakened.

[see the italic text after the bold and capitalized comment]

Okame has now made it over halfway across the stage, the second Yukimura is now dead and you need to survive by repeating the same process until you can deploy Yukimura for the third time and take out the boss's remaining HP.

If you have enough money, you can summon also Awakened Bahamut.




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