" Zombie Those Guys" is a Zombie enemy found in Into the Future's Zombie Outbreaks.


Zombie Those Guys is a Zombie variant of Those Guys. moves significantly faster, burrows 2 times, and it revives with 100% HP. This enemy is made to be a barricade for meatshields similar to Znache .


Englsih version

Japanese version

Encyclopedia Entry Translation

墓場から出ているシャトルバスに乗って 「にゃんこ大戦争」に参加した。 三人とも生前からけっこう持病持ち。

I'm so sorry for being a person, so I died in a trio.

Take the shuttle bus out of the graveyard I participated in the "Nyanko great war". All three have had a long-standing illness.


Their low HP and Single Target make them very easy to dispose of. Lil Flying Cat and other units that deal AoE damage can easily neutralize them. Be wary of their double burrow, as it gives them to opportunity to sneak up to your back line and possible leave a dent in it before they are defeated.




Zombie Those Guys
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
10,000 HP 6,500 damage 110 (Single Target) 10f 18 1 times 20f
Special Ability Attribute
Burrows underground 500 after a Cat enters its range (2 time)

Revives at 100% HP after being dead for 240f (1 time)

*In each stage, there is strength magnification, the value of health and attack power varies because of this.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack motion end until the next attack motion starts.


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