The Wife Still Wins is the final stage in Old Guys In The City.


  • The battle starts off with a One Horn a Metal Doge.
  • After 3.3 seconds, B.B.Bunny starts spawning in 10~16.6-second intervals.
  • After 18.3 seconds, Hermit Peng spawns.
  • After 45.3 seconds, another Metal Doge spawns.
  • When the enemy base is attacked, The Red Malice appears as the boss alongside Mighty Gui Zuli, Bore, Metal One Horn and two B.B.Bunnies. Master Da Xun spawns after killing one of the enemies.
    • Metal One Horn respawns once after 20 seconds, while Bore respawns two times, each after 33.3 seconds.


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