• I tried to use both Mekako Saionji and Dr. Mekako but the Cyberhorns are too buffed, plus Nyandam staying in the back makes it a pain. Thats my attempt with gacha, but is it possible without gacha? (Exclude legends)

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    • There should be one but it'll need a lot of True Forms forms especially for Macho Legs Cat and Jameira.

      non Uber Gacha probably. but Gacha less kinda hard.

      You'll definitely gonna need Psychocat and Castaway Cat for sure, and it'll be a slow battle as well.

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    • Great. I don't even have Surfer Cat, and I'm already there. I didn't expect to succeed first try, of course (56%), but the Cyberhorns are annoying. I have Bazibon and Marinmizu which resist Nyandam and just evolved Megaphrodite for outranging him. The Cyberhorns just come to the front line and kill my meatshields (although Nyandam did damage to them too). Marinmizu is kind of a Psychocat with 100% slow chance and an extra 100% knockback chance, with the Alien resist ability. BTW, should i use {{Santa Kuu, type Y)?

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    • hmmm. it's not necessarily needed to bring a lot of ubers there. bring at least 3-4 meatshields for more survival... you can also add Cat CPU if you have problem with meatshield spamming btw.

      line up will be

      3-4 meatshields for early game players it should be Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Samba Cat (special), and Awa-Odori Cat or Burger Cat (just costs 75 will be fine) at least level 20-30 is recommended

      1-2 tanks of sort like Macho Legs Cat (highly recommended for ITF), and Jameira Cat (if need good HP attack and knockback) or Dragon Cat (if you want long range)

      then 4 anti alien specialists (insert your Rares to Ubers here)

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    • Gee, thanks a lot, i used Lil' Cat (18+1) as my thirs meatshield because I had no other lol and i BARELY beat him, my base was at 28k when i killed the Cyberhorns at last, then it was just Nyandam. Megaphrodite knocked him back twice but she died so one shot from Bazibon and BAM! He died. Thanks a lot!

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    • Third*

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    • Dragon helped too.

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    • nice to hear.

      so btw here's the catch for your meatshields and take note of 'em

      Samba Cat is buyable using Catfood has knockback in trueform

      Awa-Odori Cat (Rare Cat) is monthly cat check page for info

      Catburger (Special Cat) is kinda random to get nowadays but is free and easy to get, use base form only please

      Gold Cat (Super Rare Cat) may work as well, just think macho cat just golden.

      Li'l Cat (Special Cat) is useable but slow cooldown is drawback lowers cost at true form, but still long cool down

      Pumpcat (Rare Cat) monthly as well, use baseform though at 90 iirc.

      Jiangshi Cat at Pogo Cat's true form may work as well costs 240 but it's survives ones and is good stack wall sometimes

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    • ubercarried the heck outta it, lost

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    • you basically have to tank it with Macho Legs and Psycho Cat really... with a little good damage unit and you're basically good to go. you can go easy with cat combos that increase knockback as well.... imagine it as 

      Macho Legs, Manic Macho Legs and Li'l Macho Legs. - you get strong vs alien, shockwave unit and knockback alien. that may work but depends if you given them some investments.

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    • get all anti teasures,Spam meatshields and stack jamaria,king dragon and macho legs.

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