• I don't have him I'm just curious. I see YTers like chillhola¬†use his first form when they probably have his true form. Is the first form better than his TF?

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    • for kaza jizo? the 3rd is better than the 2nd, and the 1st and 3rd are used in different situations (like kaguya, momotaro, and all the dark heroes). 1st form jizo is the best midranger in the game, and is very good stackable dps against anything he outranges, especially angels and blacks. 3rd form jizo is a backliner that is good at dealing a load of damage to blacks and aliens. Overall, the 1st form is more useful than the 3rd form, but the 3rd is better in some situations..

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    • some cats have better usage or spammability when in base form.

      for most cats, base form has faster cooldown (but not all of them)

      some ubers like momotaro, kaza jizo and sarukani are spammable during base form and has longer cooldown when on 2nd or true form.

      it's case to case basis, also remember that base form at hypermax level may have lower HP and attack vs their true form so it depends on use and stage you are doing.

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