• So, I've been trying to beat Homulily but the best strategy I can come up with is giraffe cat spam to prevent her from moving forwards. That eventually gets flawed when too many Gorys (3) come out at once. I have no idea how to beat this, it's just too hard. My major problem is the fact that she can absolutely SNIPE the cat base due to only attacking when something is right up in her face, and the support of the Gorys and Jackie Pengs pretty much cancels out the attacks of Lil' Madoka. I can't beat it but I really want the true form of Lil' Homura.

    is there any way to beat it WITHOUT crazed cats, A. Bahamut or ANY true forms apart from Lil' Madoka or am I just asking for too much?

    Tip: It says Lil' Homura isn't allowed, but she can be kept in your formation to activate the catcombo "my very best friend" if you want.

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