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    Would it be okay to have Discussions enabled on the wiki? It wouldn't replace Forums (see this announcement). If Discussions is enabled, the "Forum" link on the navigation bar would move under the "Explore" menu, and a new "Discuss" link would take its place, as shown in the example image on the right.

    Special:Analytics shows that 70% of this wiki's traffic comes from mobile devices. Discussions is mobile-friendly (unlike Forums), so it'd make sense to enable Discussions for the benefit of smartphone users.

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    • Have you ever used or tested discussion in first place or some other Wikia and hear their thoughts about it?

      IF you haven't, try go here:

      Although discussion is deemed to be mobile friendly. It is not that handy, especially on the managing side.

      Add: I once looked over it. But I deemed it wouldn't fit with the current BC wikia.

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    • I'm on some wikis where it's heavily used, though I haven't seen how it works from an admin/mod role (my wiki is debating whether to enable it). I've only seen a few specific complaints from wikis that are using it, but that's not necessarily a representative sample.

      Could you go into detail about your reasons for not wanting Discussions enabled? It could help guide Fandom's efforts to improve it.

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    • Edit: done few tests

      Well, I already said "Currently" but probably in future it would. Just activity matters. Once there are more people here wanted it, then I'll go for it. But so far, I don't see anyone really wanted that feature yet.

      As for improvement, I couldn't say much about it since I hardly even taken details about it nor tried using it. The managing problem came from since it does not support category of topics. Just imagine a bit, someone created a discussion about an unit, then someone else posted fan-content discussion just after. The former thread would quickly sunk. Well there is the tag filter feature. But still, having to checkmark the option is a hassle.

      --- PS: This reminded me I should've disabled the chat feature since hardly anyone used it. But I never asked the BC Wikia about this.

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    • Also, what is the actual goal for Wikia making the discuss feature?

      It can't be just "improvement for mobile user", no? Why the old forum stuffs can't carry over? So it could be just a toggle between switching old forum looks or the new one? Just like you can switch between the classic source editor or the new visual editor.

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