• I'll start first.

    Holy Emporor Rejious

    HP: 3 mil

    Att: 100k

    TBA (Time between attacks): 300

    Range: 395, Area att.

    Attribute: Angel

    Looks: Similar to Nyandam, but with a Roman robe from his right shoulder to his knees, and the spirits by his chair are white with halos. The emporor himself has wings that sprout from his back and are spread during his attack animation, in which he bends forward and sends a golden flame to your cats. He has a regular shaped cup now, filled with a yellow smoothie

    Desc: He gave up trying to drink wine and went for smoothies instead. Cat God liked this, so he got into heaven. He really has changed a lot, and Chickful A is his trusty assistant.

    what ya think? (no custom attributes please and thank you, it gets confusing for many)

    (sorry Enemy Maker guy, but i really want to make a seperate discussion for a more organized enemy submitter)

    u can also do stages bc why not

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