• Who is the Best Uber Rare? btw here's my best Uber rare list (NOT FEATURING UBERFEST, EPICFEST, Best of the Best, Red Busters, Air Busters, or Metal Busters LIMITED UBERS)

    1. Kasa Jizo (obviously)

    2. Warlock and Pierre (Base Destroyer Beast)

    3. E. Kubilan Pasalan (Ultimate Metal Destroyer)

    4. Megaphrodite (Good Attacker)

    5. Ultimate Catman (Relic Destroyer Beast)

    6. Shishilan Pasalan (High DMG)

    7. Divine Kai (Very Tanky)

    8. Immortal Yukamira (Fastest; suicidal)

    9. Balrog Cat (Highest DPS; The Berserker)

    10. Lufalan Pasalan (The boss killer)

    Note - This isn't my official Top 10 Ubers yet

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    • Jizo, good. I wouldn't say Base destroying cheese is quite useful/general. It's more niche... Metal destroyer would more likely be Paladin or Hayabusa; Kubilan doesn't do much damage to take down metal bosses, only metal peons. Aphrodite, good. Relic isn't destroyed by Catman since relic often outranges it and Catman wouldn't have time before being knockbacked. Shishilan, maybe. Kai isn't useful in most parts of the game since there are much more tankier and/or stronger¬†units such as Juvens and Taro, niche. Yukimura, maybe/yes personally. Balrog, good. Lufalan, ok...

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    • Wat about meeeeee

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    • A-S tier?

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    • Yey!

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    • Now that I think about it... Chronos is pretty good

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    • At least better than kubi and w&p, cheese isn't a big part of the game

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    • A FANDOM user
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