• Ka$aJ1zo
    Ka$aJ1zo closed this thread because:
    Nothing changes, he just gets to create an eye the middle of the hurricane he's made.
    22:57, March 26, 2020

    Can I kindly ask you to stop triggering Marc, I know you get really annoyed by him but you know him, he would just continue again and again. So what about you put him to an end, eternally ignore him and continue to use the wiki normally, if you do this i'll speak with marc so he stops bothering, deal?

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    • He's marc, he's going to get triggered at everything I say. Even with this deal he's still the same he's always been, the only difference is he just gets an "escape" from the mess he's created without any repercussions or consequences. Not like any of this of this involved you in the first place.

      He comes in, makes a mess, and then thinks he can just leave whenever things don't go his way and everything goes back to normal. You can't just shove something away and pretend it didnt happen. Apparently it's MY job to act. I'm not allowed to say anything to or about him, while he still says dumb and stupid shit. reminder none of this wouldve happened if he didn't go everywhere spreading his opinion around as if it were fact, and then acting like a baby, whining and taking everything as a personal attack everytime someone says he's wrong.

      I've asked him to stop, multiple people did, but guess what? He didnt. He kept going and going making things worse and worse, and now that the water's gotten too hot for him he wants out. Well it's a bit too late for that. The way people treated him is what he deserves.

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