• So since you are probably a pro at BCEN, I am wondering if this loadout would work with Dark Souls (Insane) / Crazed Cat Stage : 

    Macho Cat LV20 +3 - L'il Macho Cat LV20 - Samba Cat LV16 - Wall Cat LV20 +2, tho are all the meat shields

    Healer CC LV10 - Kasli the Scourge LV20, these are knockbacks

    Whale Cat LV20 +6 - True Valkyrie Cat LV20 - Valiant D'arktanyan LV 10 as attackers

    GIRAFFE CAT LV20 +4 the rusher

    I also have (That im not using rn, but if best, then will) Nurse Cat, Kamukura, Catman, Mighty Thermae D-Lux, and Bahamut Cat

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