• I don't know if you know that I know, but my main stuff here was to provide good-looking visuals for the wiki. Would you like to help me?

    Actually, I need screenshots (not cropped) for uber and certain super rare cats. In ( ), I write the desired backgrounds with the stages where you could find it, but you can do it with whatever you want, the only thing I ask you is to have the same background for the normal and evolved form.

    Princess Kaguya (Snowfield, Challenge Battle)

    Delinquent Cat (Greenfield night, Chapter 1, South Africa)

    Toaster (Desert, Chapter 1, Saudi Arabia)

    Weighlifter (Twilight, Chapter 1, Ghana)

    How to make them? Just zoom as max as possible without cropping any part of the cat (like the evolved form of Princess Kaguya, really big). Send out some crazed walls if you have, to prevent enemies to approch you. Then take a screenshot in sort that your cat is far enough to the enemies, other cats, and your castle. Here a gud example. Then post them in the "photos" section in the wiki and message me, I will crop them. Thanks in advance if you accept!

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    • Sure no biggie. May take a little while though. Will message you back when done

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    • Thanks a lot!

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    • However, Weightlifter may be a problem. I didn't upgrade him at all. :P

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    • It's not a big deal! I feel myself uncomfortable to give "orders" to people, but I failed to root my phone so I have no choice except to ask a little to each one who has super/uber rare units.

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    • Here some is, you can crop

      IMG 0502
      IMG 0503
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    • I won't be able to get on battle cats in a while, so don't expect any images for a while. If you can wait, then do so. If not, ask someone else. I also do have Surfer, if that is required.

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    • Yo! Need any new pics?

      I have friends who own Anubis, Zues, and some other stuff.

      Also I got Momotaro and Super Galaxy Cosmo! Yay!!!

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    • Hey there! It misses mostly Ubers, Specials and Collab/Time-Limited Cats.

      The full list is here. I'm glad you're back!

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    • I've been on occasionally, not really editing though. 

      I do have friends with some of these cats, and I own some, so I will post you a list so you can tell me what pictures you need for each of them. If you need a picture of the cat, tell me the background (don't need an example stage) and I will get it for you.

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    • Kai

      Ninja Cat (all forms)


      Toaster (I need to finish this one for you. I'm so slow)


      Oda Nobunaga


      Maeda Keiji

      Huge Hermit

      FIO (I have)

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    • Hi,

      Sanada Yukimura, Kai, Oda Nobunaga, Fio and Huge Hermit are the most important. Others are optional, but if you have time, Tecoluga and Ninja Cat are the second most important (and I have Toaster). Again, just post the screenshots!

      Thanks for your help!

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    • What do you need from each of them?

      Desc? Updated pictures of the cats?

      Also, what backgrounds? 

      Sorry, I do need more info.

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    • (Clean) Screenshots like this one, for the Cat template. If description is missing in the gallery, yes. For backgrounds, it's up to you. If you want instructions, then...

      Sanada Yukimura - Desert (the current one is badly cropped, and low quality)

      Kai - Basic Battlefield (same)

      Oda Nobunaga - Into the Future Moon

      FIO - Desert

      Huge Hermit - Sunken City or Post Apocalypse

      Tecoluga - Greenfield by night

      Ninja Cat - Jungle (of course, it's Naruto)

      Kachi-Kachi - Post Apocalypse

      Maeda Keiji - Twilight (to have HQ)

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    • Thank you so much

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    • A FANDOM user
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