• Hey mate, I have some basics questions about Cat Unit pages.

    In the intro, we write "... is a Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule", is it right?

    • It seems that we have to change "that" with "which" or "who" (?).

    • Cats are entities in the game ("his", "her"), but "who" isn't too weird to use?

    • As Rare Cat Capsule = chance, do we have to replace "can be unlocked" with "may be unlocked"?

    Thanks in advance, these things annoy me as hell >.>

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    • Really, "that" or "which" are both ok.

      I'm not sure, but who doesn't really fit.

      Either "can be unlocked" or "may be unlocked" are ok, but personally I prefer "can be unlocked"

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    • Thanks a lot!!! That will save me a lot of time!

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    • Honestly, this is the format I like personally:

      "x is a Super Rare Cat that can be unlocked when opening a Rare Cat Capsule"

      Because I don't like the word "playing" in that sentence

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    • A FANDOM user
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