• Requirements: At least Level 20 Characters,Must be At least Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Titan Cat, Special Cat, Anti-Floating Cats,and Rare Cats!

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    • I believe you must be going up against Teacher Bun Bun, correct? If not, I apologise.

      I reccomend that you use Macho, Wall, Artist (Rare), Dragon, Paris, Titan, Delinquent (Super Rare), Kung Fu, Giraffe, and Bahamut if you have him, Valkyrie if tou don't.

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    • right now I'm fighting J.K Bun Bun, He is 3x harder than teacher bun bun! I was trying too use the same strategy I used on Teacher Bun Bun but it didn't work!

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    • Did you colected all the treasure from¬†previous chapters? If not, you will need to do that.

      Obviously use your anti-red cats or anti-floating cats, and 2 or 3 meatshields. Long ranged cats can help a lot. 

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