Its weird you know I remembered when i started on the wiki, there was so much I could do yet that was 360 days earlier and now I just feel that i've serve my purpose, i've created a lot of pages, i've helped, i've received a rank in here, people like me or hate me, i've reduced the number of broken links with xavier, and now what i'm bored what can I do here now, since i've been in quarantine I realized how much I could do, and this wiki has helped me so much as a person but good things come to an end, i'm not sure if this is it but at least for now it is. I'm happy and proud of what came out of me here, and will still "lurk" i think that is the correct term, and will be present now where was the last time i did something significant like 3 moths ago so i'm not a lot of use anymore here, maybe I will be here for updates and I still love playing battle cats, I still remembered when I first came here it was in the thief cat page looking for stats i think it was I think in november, and then I helped a french dude with a comment then i just did small things then I met you, my first real friend in here I honestly don't like the personality of people in here you are very different from them very similar, I still remember my shakurel cat argument which then became my identity, I know you might don't comprehend it but I just don't know how to explain it, this was my job without pay, I've worked hard, had fun, received promotions but I think it is time to look for a rethorical real one, this place was here when I found my passions, but now I had so many things in my life that i've slowly forgotten the wiki which is not bad I didn't want to accept it but this is just a website. I know I once said I would never leave I think it was due to people in here but im not the same person I'm proud of what I leave behind but that is behind and this is forward

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