Why did marc kept being that way, ask yourself that, there is something very simple to do in that case, ignore him, but what ocurred was peop,e telling him over and over that he was wrong instead of simply not doing anything, i guarantee you he wouldn't have created the jizo alts if you simply didn't give a dam about him, then he would be aware of that but because you aren't fueling his seeking for attention he would just go to another place. Wait have you done anything useful for the wiki, have you created pages, have you contributed to looking for info, have you destroyed broken links, categorized pages, gove maintenance to pages, simp, answer is no and there are no exception with the rest. Memeing is much worse than directly insulting, because it is apparently less serious people can do it to infinity and he can't complain because he would be a whiny baby right, so you want to complain that generalize and you are generalizing, i've never saw lucas or siluma or pctimetest or fredy san or brandon pierce complain about him, and if you think you and your "gamers" are the whole community then i've got no arguments for that. If you didn't care or didn't like him, why the hell would you go to his wiki, i don't see the purpose, did it bother you that he had a wiki, did you want of your own or just went there to bother him that he doesn't have rules section, i'm not going to go deep on that because just the fact you dislike him the way you express and still went to his wiki to do i don't care what just proves you are incongruent. So to your logic once he is gone everything will become rainbows and the "gamers" win again, it hurts me the way you think, marc is an x person, plethora is a short word to describe how many people are there and as i've seen when another one comes you would just hate the shit out of them and cycle the process, do you really believe that?

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