Tiny Fists (Deadly) is a stage available on the 26th of every month. Completing it unlocks Li'l Titan Cat's True Form. This stage is the ninth of many Li'l Stages, stages that offer No Continues and only allow Special/Rare Cats to be used.


Rarity: Only Special and Rare


  • The stage spawns with several Squire Rels and Gory. This interval repeats every few seconds.
  • When the enemy base's health is reduced down to 99%, Li'l Jamiera Cat will spawn with several Trolly Bloggers and Those Guys
  • After that, every few seconds, three Squire Rels, one Gory, several Those Guys and one Trolly Blogger will spawn (not all at the same time).


Prepare for an intense battle! Unlike its Crazed and Manic counterparts, Li'l Jamiera has a 90% chance of doing a Shockwave. That means he will do Shockwaves with almost every attack. The key here is having a very strong Ramen Cat and the few Shockwave-immune units the restrictions let you take. Ramen Cat has to be, at least, level 38 in order to survive two hits from Li'l Jamiera Cat.

Strategy 1

Lineup: Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Hyper Mr., Sportsgirl Cat, Butterfly Cat, Ramen Cat (Lv. 38+), Zamboney Cat (Lv. 30), Li'l Lion Cat (Lv. 30+), Awakened Bahamut Cat (Lv. 30), Heroic Musashi (Lv. 30)

Items: Rich Cat (optional), Sniper the Cat (optional)

Cat Combos: Bony Bone, Biohazard (Research Effect UP), Sportswoman (Unit Defense UP)

This strategy only uses the second row. The first row is used for Cat Combos.

First, let your money build up. You can do this easily with a Rich Cat. If you don't have a Rich Cat, simply send Ramen Cats against the peons. Gories will be your main source of money. Do not send too many Ramen Cats, or else they will push, hit the enemy base and leave you in a sticky situation of low money. When you have a max Worker Cat and wallet, proceed to push with Ramen Cats and Li'l Lion Cats.

When Li'l Jamiera Cat spawns, let him kill your units on the battleground and lure him close to the Cat Base. The closer he is, the better, but not close enough to hit the base. When he reaches the spot, send Ramen, Zamboney and Li'l Lion.

The next step is properly timing Awakened Bahamut. The best moment is when the Shockwave from Li'l Jamiera ends. If timed properly, Awakened Bahamut should hit 3 times before dying. That's 255,000 damage! When Awakened Bahamut is up again, send him again and try to get him to do 3 hits. This will chip a lot of health off Li'l Jamiera.

Another key step is releasing Musashi at the best moment possible. While he does not require precise timing like Awakened Bahamut, he can't be sent at any moment. The best moment is when there is a Zamboney on the battlefield. Its resilience will allow Musashi to get in range and hit Li'l Jamiera for a good amount of 32k damage.

After all of this, it's just a matter of spamming Ramens and Li'l Lions. Send Zamboney when there are no peons on the battlefield. If you start to run short on money, stop sending Li'l Lions for a while and let your money refill. Ramen, Zamboney and Li'l Lion will chip off bits of Li'l Jamiera's health, while Musashi safely smashes him from the distance. This does not mean that he is safe: he will eventually die due to the smashing pushing power of Li'l Jamiera.

In the end, it's all rinse and repeat: spam Ramen and Lion, send Zamboney when the path is clear, and send Bahamut and Musashi at the best possible moment. Eventually, Li'l Jamiera will die and then it's just a matter of clearing the battlefield and destroying the base.

Sniper the Cat and the default Cat Cannon are very useful tools: not only they will push Li'l Jamiera slightly back, but also, if done correctly, will cancel his attack animation. Try to deactivate Sniper when Musashi is about to hit, or he might miss.

Strategy 2 

Cat Lineup: Necromancer Cat, Skelecat, Hyper Mr., Sportsgirl Cat, Butterfly Cat, Ramen Cat (38), Dancer Cat (30), Madam the Savannah (33), Iron Claw X (30), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30)

Cat Combos: Bony Bone (Research Effect UP Sm), Biohazard (Research Effect UP Sm), Sportswoman (Unit Defense UP Sm)

Items: Sniper the Cat, Rich Cat (recommended)

This level is possible without Li'l Lion Cat, Zamboney Cat and Heroic Musashi. It just requires you to focus on the level a lot more.

  1. Summon Madam the Savannah at the beginning to take care of the Squire Rels. When the Gory comes out, start sending a couple of Ramen Cats (3-5 should do it)
  2. Let the Ramen Cats go to the enemy base and upgrade your Worker Cat to level 8 as you wait if you didn't bring a Rich Cat.
  3. When the boss comes out with the initial waves of peons, let them come over to your base while gaining money.
  4. Use Madam the Savannah to take care of Those Guys and Trolly Bloggers.
  5. Start sending out Ramen Cats.
  6. Use Ramen Cat to kill the first Gory, then send out Awakened Bahamut. With the Cat Combos, Awakened Bahamut will be able to get a huge chunk of health off Li'l Jamiera.
  7. When the peons and Gory are dead, feel free to spam Ramen Cats. (Note: Only send out Madam the Savannah if Li'l Jamiera is really close to your base; don't send her out when Jamiera is far away from the base.)
  8. Whenever a Gory comes out, use Madame to kill the Squire Rels and fire the Cat Cannon so you can damage the Gory.
  9. Use Dancer Cat and Iron Claw X to kill or massively damage the Gories.
  10. Just repeat steps 7-9 and send out Awakened Bahamut whenever you can and the Li'l Jameria will finally fall.

Strategy 3

Cat Lineup: Ultimate Lasvoss, True Killer Cat, Dark Emperor Catdam, Lollycat, Heroic Musashi (29), Ramen Cat (32), Zamboney Cat (35), Macho Glass Cat (17), Cyborg Cat (40+20), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30).

Cat Combos: Bad Guys (Research Power UP L) + Lolly Fanciers ("Slow" Effect UP Sm)

Items: Rich Cat (optional) and Sniper the Cat

The premise of all these strategies remains the same: Stall to upgrade the Worker Cat to level 8, then attack the boss near your base - Cyborg Cat's primary use is to kill Gories.

  1. Stall with 2 Ramen Cats and Zamboney. If the Worker Cat is maxed, send out Musashi and wait for your cats to hit the base + send another Zamboney to steal some HP from Lil' Jamiera while the Worker Cat returns to Max.
  2. When the peons are cleared out, spawn Awakened Bahamut after Jamiera's Shockwave for 3 strikes before death.
  3. Alternate between using Zamboney and Macho Glass Cat to stall the boss from reaching your base using the Cat Cannon when necessary (Cat Cannon may be better spent clearing peons for Bahamut, so keep an eye on his recharge).
  4. With a Research Power Up L, your Musashi will become available fairly quickly - use him as soon as he is available.
  5. If you stall Li'l Jamiera with Macho Glass Cat, consider not sending more Ramen Cats so he doesn't attack. Instead, send out several Cyborg Cats (3 max) to sneak in some extra damage. Once his slow wears off (after about 10 seconds), send out Zamboney and continue to fight off peons until either Musashi or Awakened Bahamut can be spawned.

Note: If you have Glass Cat's True Form, he will be able to knockback Jamiera, which could be beneficial if approaching close to the Cat Base.

This strategy has been found to be easy and efficient, never dropping below 6,000¢ after sending out the heavy hitters. It took about 3 or 4 cycles of this to kill Li'l Jamiera.

Additionally, Iron Claw X may not be the best choice because of his cost/benefit. He won't kill the Gory in one hit and timing 3 Cyborg Cats works without issues at the cost of $450 more.


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