Tiny Will (Deadly) is a stage available on the 5th of every month. Completing it unlocks Li'l Tank Cat's True Form. This stage is the second of many Li'l Stages, stages that offer No Continues and only allow Special/Rare Cats to be used.


Rarity: Only Special and Rare


  • The stage will start with the enemy base spawning 1 Squire Rel and will continue to spawn more throughout the battle.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat will appear when the base is damaged.
  • Later on, a Gory Black will appear, followed by Owlbrow then Dagshund, but Owlbrow will appear by the time you're done with the 1st Gory Black then the same for Dagshund.
  • After beating the 1st Dagshund, the enemy base will spawn 2 Gory Blacks, then 2 Owlbrows, then 2 Dagshunds with the same timing.


Strategy 1

LineupNecromancer Cat (Lv. 30+), Skelecat (Lv. 35), Gentleman Bros. (Lv. 35), Dark Lazer (Lv. 40), Ururun Cat (Lv. 30), 3 meatshields of the cheapest kind, Jiangshi Cat (Lv. 35+15), Prisoner Cat (Lv. 40)

Items: Rich Cat and Sniper the Cat (required), Cat CPU (optional, use only near mid- to end-stage).

Cat Combos: Bony Bone (Research Power Up (Sm)), Masquerade (Knockback Up (M))

Start by spawning 1 Prisoner Cat and 1 meatshield to hold off the 1~3 Squire Rels. Spawn Ururun Cat as soon as you can then, normally, spawn Prisoner Cats supported by meatshields (including Jiangshi Cat). After a while, Gory Black will appear, so spawn a few Dark Lazers to deal with him. After a few minutes, an Owlbrow will spawn. Now, call a few Necromancer Cats while maintaining the field with your meatshields and probably your second Ururun Cat. After a while, Dagshund will now appear, but just be sure to keep meatshielding and send out a lot of Prisoner Cats to deal damage. Sometime after beating Dagshund, the enemy base will spawn 2 Gory Blacks, then 2 Owlbrows, then 2 Dagshunds. After surviving the 2nd wave of Gory Blacks and Owlbrows, you're almost near defeating Li'l Eraser. All you need is to sweep the remaining Gory Black, Owlbrow or Dagshund and - congratulations! - you've beaten the level.


  • Ururun Cat & Prisoner Cat will deal most of the damage, so make sure they're protected.
  • Li'l Eraser Cat has 2,400,000 HP, and can kill a level 30 Ururun Cat or Crazed Bahamut Cat in just 1 hit.
  • Some complete this level around 20-30 mins. Don't let this dissuade you though! Some can complete it quicker. It's all a matter of how high your Cats' levels are.
  • Once Li'l Eraser is at the enemy base, turn off Sniper the Cat. If Sniper the Cat shoots Li'l Eraser, your units might walk into his range!

Strategy 2 (Cheese)

Lineup: 1-3 meatshields ("weak" cats) and the rest is whatever you want, but just leave 1-2 low level Cats.

Items: Speed Up (recommended)

Step 1: Stall the enemies with your low-level cats until you get 8 Ms. Signs stacked up.

Step 2: Push the Ms. Signs back with your weak Cats.

Step 3: Destroy the enemy base with your damage dealing Cats and you are done. This strategy can easily take over an hour, which is why bringing a Speed Up is highly recommended; So that you don't waste too much of your time on this stage. This strategy is only recommended if you are desperate or have just lost a lot of times and want Li'l Eraser Cat.

Strategy 3

Lineup: 3 cheap meatshields, Li'l Wall Cat (40+5), Bombercat (27, optional), Cyborg Cat (34+1), Crazed Bahamut Cat (30), Ururun Cat (29), Dark Emperor Catdam (18) (add more meatshields if you want).

Items: Rich Cat and Sniper Cat (required), Speed Up (optional), (don't bring a Cat CPU).

Play the stage normally while keeping the following in mind:

  • The Gory Blacks can ruin your day! Use Ururun to knock them back (and Bombercat to freeze them if you brought him).
  • Owlbrow is money. Use Crazed Bahamut Cat to kill him.
  • Dagshund is the pusher. Cyborg Cats can easily kill them.
  • Li'l Eraser's range is high and his attack is deadly; that's why Catdam and Sniper are here.
  • Bring a Speed Up because this fight can go up to 17 minutes if your Cats aren't strong.

Strategy 4 (Ft. Cat God the Awesome)

Lineup: 4-5 meatshields (Gato Amigo, Li'l Macho Cat/Li'l Mohawk Cat, Jiangshi Cat, Catburger, etc.), Cyborg Cat (40+), Prisoner Cat (30), Cat God the Awesome (30), Crazed Bahamut Cat (optional).

Items: Rich Cat (makes things easier), Speed Up, Cat CPU (optional), Sniper the Cat (optional).

Start by turning off the Cat CPU and stalling the peons and save until your wallet is full.

Once you have a full wallet, turn on the Cat CPU and watch the magic happen.

Since Cat God the Awesome has Knockback and Omni Strike, he can basically snipe the base while continuously knocking back Li'l Eraser Cat.

Just wait for a bit and get your second Cat God.

Prisoner Cat also helps to damage the base.

Do this correctly and get your Li'l Tank Cat's True Form.

Strategy 5 (The CPU)

This is a rather simple strategy. You'll need 6 meatshields, up to 150¢ in price however the cheaper the better, such as Li'l Macho Cat, Macho Coin Cat, Gato Amigo, Li'l Wall Cat, Catburger and So-Ran Cat. You'll also need Ururun Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat and Dark Emperor Catdam, all at level 30 along with a Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat and Cat CPU.

Start the battle by turning the Cat CPU off, and save up as much money as you can. If the Sniper doesn't kill the Squire Rel which comes out of the base, send out a meatshield to stall her before the Sniper hits her. This usually happens around the first, fourth and fifth Squire Rels. Once you have a full wallet or Gory Black has come out of the base, deploy Bahamut and turn on Cat CPU. Then do nothing. Hopefully the Cat CPU shall win the battle by itself. However, the CPU may try and save up for Bahamut, Ururun and Nyandam when they recharge, so you'll need to spam the cats then. Also, Ururun may knock back Li'l Eraser too much, and end up killing Bahamut.


Walkthrough Video Player Notes
How To Beat Tiny Will! (Lil’ Eraser’s True Form Stage)

How To Beat Tiny Will! (Lil’ Eraser’s True Form Stage)

Strategy 1 in Video Form

For Strategy 1


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