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Treacherous Road (Brutal) is the first stage in Super Smash Families. This is a No Continues stage.



Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Gato Amigo, Cat Cactus 50, Boulder Cat, Cone Cat 50, Gridiron Cat 50, Li'l King Dragon Cat 90, Esoteric Uril 50

Cannon: Breakerblast, Waterblast (Style)

Items: Rich Cat, Sniper Cat


  • You are almost certainly not beating this stage without Esoteric Uril or Ubers.
  • Sniper Cat is probably not necessary.
  • Li'l King Dragon Cat has the Surge Immune and Mini-Wave Talents.
  • Gato Amigo has the Surge Immune Talent.
  • The Waterblast Style is at max level, reducing damage from Surges by 15% (only useful for Cone Cat).
  • Gridiron Catcan be replaced with a Surge-Immune Uber.

This battle consists of three parts; killing the initial set of enemies, surviving the hordes of Malevolent Macho Leg Cats and Malevolent Island Cats, and cleaning out the rest of the enemies.

Lure Doge Dark to your base, then spawn Esoteric Uril, and start stacking Gridiron Cat and Li'l King Dragon Cat. For the first part of the fight, you can stall all the enemies with just Gato Amigo and Cat Cactus. You will want to build your DPS stack as fast as possible for the incoming waves of enemies, so kill the enemies quickly and get the money you need.

Malevolent Eraser Cat should spawn, and with that, the second phase should start soon. Hopefully you have a fair stack of units (or your Uber), as well as Esoteric Uril on the field. Once you have all those units out, start spamming Cone Cat along with Gato Amigo and Cat Cactus, but do not send out Boulder Cat. Ragin' Gory and Gory Black will start to spawn, and serve as the main pushing power against your anti-Surge team. When these enemies are out, send out Boulder Cat to prevent them from pushing. Esoteric Uril and Gridiron Cat will keep them at bay, and Li'l King Dragon Cat may also stop them from pushing too far if Boulder Cat is mistimed or on cooldown.

Eventually, the Malevolent Island Cats and Malevolent Macho Leg Cats should stop spawning, and the final phase is beginning. Stall using only Gato Amigo and Cat Cactus, sending out Boulder Cat whenever Gory Black or Doge Dark is on the field again. Continue to spam Esoteric Uril, Li'l King Dragon Cat, and Gridiron Cat, and Malevolent Eraser Cat will eventually fall, and then it is straight path to victory since the Malevolent King Dragon Cats have no pushing power of their own.

Recommended Ubers[]

  1. Oda Nobunaga - Only useful in their Ultra Form, they can reflect the Surge from Malevolent Macho Leg Cat and essentially freeze the entire field, save for a few, non-threatening enemies. They can also Freeze the enemies with their own attack, also coming in with over 100% uptime on the Freeze.
  2. King of Destiny/Extinction Phono(a) - Natural picks, being Surge-Immune, with great damage, as well as insane range and pierce.
  3. Kasli, Daughter of Chaos - Another natural pick, being Surge-Immune, and keeping the Black peons at bay, as well as coming with pierce and amazing DPS.