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Truant Angel (サボったエンジェル, Sabotta Enjeru, Truant Angel) is a 2-slot Cat Combo. It is unlocked after completing Into the Future Chapter 3.


"Strong" Effect UP (Sm): The effect of this ability is increased by 10%.


Combo Name Cats Combo Effect
Truant Angel (サボったエンジェル) Almighty LuciferCat Cactus "Strong" Effect UP (Sm)


  • This Combo appears to be based around a pun that was lost in translation: サボったエンジェル sabotta enjeru (truant angel) sounds similar to サボテン saboten (cactus).
    • Additionally, サボる saboru (to be truant) and its conjugations are derived from the French word sabotage, so it might involve Cat Cactus being used to stall Devils/Demons like Lucifer.