Fukuda Mitsunori (福田 充徳) and Tokui Yoshimi (徳井義実) are Japanese comedians, from the comedy duo Tutorial (チュートリアル Chūtoriaru), has collaboration event with Battle Cats.


​Nyanko appeared in Fukui's design!!

  • After Kyushu is cleared, under the title screen right "gift with friends invitation !!", from "serial code" "Tokui - Fukuda" (you need to enter the code in japanese: とくい - ふくだ ), and if you enter, you will be able to get Tutorial Cat
  •  If you use a iOS device, you will be required to sign into Game Center. 
  • You must be at the app's latest version in order to activate the code (2.8.1 or higher)
  • Not available in English version yet.


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