Twilight Wandering (深夜徘徊で日本一周) is the second stage in Old Guys In The City.


The battle begins with B.B.Bunny and Sir Seal spawning at a very slow rate. As soon as you attack the base, The Red Malice appears alongside a Master Da Xun. B.B.Bunny will continue to spawn at a very slow rate.


Because money becomes scarce once the enemy base is attacked, throw Tank Cats at the Sir Seals and B.B.Bunnies to save and upgrade your Worker Cat. Be careful not to push back too hard until you are ready to face the boss. Bring anti-Red cats to handle The Red Malice, 3 or 4 cheap meatshields to keep him and Master Da Xun from advancing, and ranged cats to take them out while you hold them off.


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