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Ultra Form is the fourth form of certain Cat Units, first introduced in Version 13.0. They are an additional upgrade to cats who already have True Forms, further improving their stats and/or abilities. All Talents can still be unlocked, upgraded and take effect when a unit is in its Ultra Form. Unlike with regular Talents, unlocking an Ultra Form does not grant access to Ultra Talents.

This evolution stage is currently exclusive to Uber Rare Cats, which can attain their Ultra Forms at level 60 using Catfruit, Behemoth Stones and XP.

Changes in Ultra Form[]

Below are all possible Ultra Form upgrades in the game (up to Version 13.5):

The Dynamites[]

Sengoku Wargods Vajiras[]

Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors[]

Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals[]

Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls[]

  • Princess Kaguya: Decreases health, attack, range, time between attacks, backswing, chance to slow (20%), recharge and deployment cost. Increases speed. Gains Metal Killer.

Dark Heroes[]

Frontline Assault Iron Legion[]

Nature's Guardians Elemental Pixies[]

  • Aer: Increases health, range and piercing range. Gains chance to knockback (100%).



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