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Stage 16 is the sixteenth stage in Underground Labyrinth.


  • Infinite Shibalien Elites spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 23.33~30 seconds700f~900f.
  • 1 Calamary spawns as the boss after 20 seconds600f.
  • 5 Helmut Krabbes spawn after 30 seconds900f, delay 20~26.67 seconds600f~800f.
  • 3 Imperator Saels spawn after 36.67 seconds1,100f, delay 36.67~40 seconds1,100f~1,200f.
  • 3 Shibalien Elites spawn after 83.33 seconds2,500f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500f~600f.


Calamary, despite being a late ITF enemy, can be killed quickly, either by sniping it with units such as Asilan Pasalan, or rushing it with units like Lil' Lion Cat. The Shibalien Elites are only threatening if you have literally ZERO Cats of the Cosmos Treasures, as long as you have all crystals from Chapter 1, the Shibalien Elites won't be a threat either.