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This feature is unobtainable and can only be obtained via hacking.

The Battle Cats has had a history of containing many unimplemented features that were once considered for the game but went unused instead. From additions such as units to unused sprites, there are a myriad of items that were left scrapped for the main version of the game. This can also be said the same for its ports, consisting their own list of unused content in the game's files which may vary from the mobile version. With each new client update and more discoveries from other versions of The Battle Cats, there may be new content found and listed within the subpages of this page.

Note, this page is not meant for removed content such as Serial Codes and only for content that were not released or playable into the main game.


Due to the large amount of unused content found in the many versions of The Battle Cats, they are subcategorized into subpages correlating with the version of The Battle Cats it focuses on.