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This feature has become unobtainable and can only be obtained via hacking.

This article lists all features that are currently unimplemented. It does not include features that were once in the game but eventually got removed (like Serial Codes).

Evangelist Cat

Evangelist Cat is an Uber Rare Cat that was once obtainable through a limited-time event in the Korean Version, but also exists in the files of the Japanese, English and Taiwanese Versions. The Battle Cats Together! uses it as a reward for completing Cats of the Cosmos, but it remains unused in the mobile versions of the game.

Chicken Cat

Chicken Cat was an Uber Rare Cat that was part of partner-works with Nobe_tto (のべぇ〜っと), creator of "Life of Chicken and Chicks". It was never obtainable through any known means, and was eventually removed altogether in version 8.7.

Bronze Cat Base

An unused enemy base featuring Bronze Cat can be found in the game's files, suggesting that Bronze Cat was originally a Monthly Event unit or that Cyclone Stages were originally going to have their own bases.

Region Exclusives

Certain region-exclusive units and stages (including collab ones) exist in the files of all versions, but with their sprites removed. Some use placeholders for their names and descriptions, but others have official translations.

The Battle Cats Together! and Cat Bros

The Battle Cats Together! is an event exclusive to Nyanko Daisensou with the Rare Cat Cat Bros as a reward. Both exist in the English Version as well, but neither has been released, likely because the The Battle Cats Together! is currently only available in Japan.

Warp Resistant and Improved Knockback

These abilities have been in the Cat Filter since version 8.0 and are presumably meant to be unlocked through Talents, but neither is actually assigned to any unit.

Unused Enigma Maps

Only three Enigma rarities exist in the game, but sprites for two more can be found in the game files, as well as a platinum Enigma in the first image for the Enigma Stage tutorial. The former may have simply been the original designs for Normal and Superior Enigmas.

White and Relic Talent Orbs

Although White and Relic are the only standard types of enemies without Talent Orbs, the game files have had sprites of Talent Orbs for both since version 9.7.

White Trait Icon

Ever since the Version 8.0 Update within the sprites game files, a White trait is able to be found amongst the many other traits the game has.


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