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This feature is unobtainable and can only be obtained via hacking.

This article lists all features that are currently unimplemented in the mobile version. It does not include features that were once in the game but were eventually removed (such as Serial Codes).

Chicken Cat[]

Chicken Cat was an Uber Rare Cat that was part of a scrapped collaboration with Nobe_tto (のべぇ〜っと), creator of "Life of Chicken and Chicks". It was never obtainable through any means, and was eventually removed altogether in Version 8.7.

Cheetah Cat[]

Cheetah Cat is an Uber Rare Cat added in Version 11.7, with useless stats and no evolution. It appears to be a cheetah with a Cat face and a ball chained to one of its legs, and its Japanese name is Neko Chītā (ネコチーター), which can be translated as either "Cheetah Cat" or "Cheater Cat". Since it can only be obtained by cheating, that may in fact be the joke.

Ancient Eggs[]

Anti-Metal Egg[]

Version 11.5 added sprites and animations for Ancient Eggs corresponding to each of the nine traits. Most were used in later updates, but the Metal one remains unimplemented.

Unused Icons[]

There are several unused icons for the Ancient Eggs, featuring the Normal Form unit background for their Evolved Form, while the Normal Form has the evolved form background. This implies that the current Evolved Forms were initially the Normal Forms, and vice-versa, and that they were swapped sometime during development.

Super Rare Cat from Stories of Legend[]

From BCEN 3.5.0 to 5.0, there was unused text meant for a preview of a Super Rare Cat dropped from the final Stories of Legend stage, formatted as: "Stories of Legend Clear Reward|Clear the Stories of Legend for a|chance to get the Super Rare unit |●●●●●●●!"

Note that at the time, Ururun Wolf and Li'l Nyandam were the only drop units from Stories of Legend. Ultimately, Mecha-Bun does not have its own preview, is a Legend Cat rather than Super Rare, and is a guaranteed reward, not chance-based.

Enemy IDs 19 and 20[]

Enemy ID 19 shares Zoge's (ID 284) sprites and animations, but has completely different stats. This enemy slot has always been unused: it and ID 22 separate the enemies found in the original mobile phone version of the game—ending with The Face at ID 20—from the ones added later on, starting with Ms. Sign at ID 21. It seems that the slot was used to test Zoge's animations, and the developers simply forgot to delete the unused data. Also, in previous versions, the image file for this enemy housed a red Master A. recolor named "Bloodsucker"; this was presumably an early version of Professor A.

Enemy IDs 564 to 569[]

Enemies 564, 565, 566, 567, 568 and 569 share Doge's stats, sprites and animations, but are traited as Aku. Since these IDs come right after Wicked Cat, Wicked Tank Cat and Wicked Axe Cat, it appears that they are stand-ins for Wicked versions of the other six Normal Cats.

In 12.1, sprites were given to 569 that appear to be for a Wicked Titan Cat, all but confirming this. However, with Version 12.7's addition of True Forms for each of the Brainwashed Cats, this idea may have been scrapped.

Enemy 644[]

Enemy 644 shares Doge's sprites and animations, but has the stats and abilities of a Scarecrow. Given its position directly before the 10th and 1/2 Anniversary Birthday Cake, it was likely supposed to be a Scarecrow variant to accompany it.

Unused Unit Sprites[]


Mr. and his evolved form, Super Mr., use the same spritesheet internally, even though Mr. carries an assault rifle while Super Mr. uses a bazooka. Also, the spritesheet has an unused missile in it. This same missile would later be used in Tricycle Cat's spritesheet.

Cat Gang[]

Cat Gang's spritesheet has an unused set of legs in it. Although it's still present in the in-game model, the animation data always has the opacity set to 0% in all animations. They were likely supposed to be used in place of the wheels.

Tricycle Cat[]

Tricycle Cat's spritesheet includes an unused greyscale version of the missile he normally shoots in his attack animation.

Biker Cat[]

Biker Cat's spritesheet has considerably more unused sprites than his previous form, including three unused missiles, a sonic boom, and a red version of the spikes he normally ejects from his front wheel to attack. It seems that he was originally meant to fire a much bigger missile than his pre-evolution; the missile is still present on the in-game model, but does not animate and is set to 0% opacity.

Holy Valkyrie Cat[]

Holy Valkyrie Cat was originally intended to have a halo, as seen in Version 4.2's event poster and her spritesheet. However, this was scrapped at some point, potentially to avoid similarities with Angel enemies.

Cat Base Mini[]

All three members of the Cat Base Mini evolution line have unused sprites. Cat Base Mini and Cat Base Jr. both have duplicates of the wave effect from the Cat Cannon. In-game, both of them instead use the same wave effect as every other unit.

Cat Base Ultra[]

Cat Base Ultra doesn't have the unused wave effect, but it does have an unused Li'l Cat head present. It's unknown where it would have been used, as it's too big to fit inside the base's door or the top port.

Ramen Cat[]

Ramen Cat has an unused frame for his attack where his hair is pointing upwards and forwards. Strangely enough, this frame is used in both Rocker Cat and Artist Cat's attack animations, but not Ramen Cat's.

Drumcorps Cat[]

The spritesheet for Drumcorps Cat includes sprites for two additional Cats, a tuba, drumsticks, and particles relating to them. However, in-game, only the leading Cat with the baton is used.


Kachi-Kachi's spritesheet has one more unused frame of animation for the tanuki in the top-right corner.


Supercat's spritesheet includes four rectangles, colored dark yellow, cyan, magenta, and dark green, respectively. These are not assigned to any parts on the model. Strangely, they're also nowhere to be found on the spritesheet of Mightycat, the first form.

Bakery Cat[]

There's an unused impact effect in Bakery Cat's spritesheet. Technically, the sprite is used during gameplay; however, it's set to 0 opacity, so it never renders during the attack animation. It also appears on Boomerang Cat's spritesheet, where it "animates" in the exact same way. The effect did not carry on to their true form.


Hyppoh's spritesheet contains an unused green slime effect for her attack, but it's set to 0 opacity, so it never renders during her attack animation.

Imperator Sael[]

Imperator Sael's spritesheet also contains the exact same green slime effect.

Ice Doge[]

Ice Doge's spritesheet contains an unused "fall" sprite similar to Wall Cat's. As Ice Doge attacks by biting cats rather than falling on them, this sprite never appears in-game.

"Floating" Metal Cyclone[]

Metal Cyclone was one of the few enemies to go unused in the game files for an indeterminate length of time before it was implemented. When hacked into a stage, it would appear to float above the ground rather than grinding against it. This version of Metal Cyclone can be seen in The Battle Cats POP!.

Pre-Release Teacher Cybear[]

Teacher Cybear is another example of an enemy that was unimplemented for a while - until Version 8.0, no less. Before he was implemented, Teacher Cybear was a Traitless enemy with 1,000 HP, 80 damage, 150 range, 15 speed, no abilities, no energy wave in his attack animation, and a money drop of 55,000¢.

Bronze Cat Base[]

An unused enemy base featuring Bronze Cat can be found in the game's files, suggesting that either Bronze Cat was originally a Monthly Event unit or that Cyclone Stages were originally going to have their own bases.

Unused Sound Effects[]

Sound effects 012, 013 and 018 are present in the files, but are never used in the actual game. They're really unusual in contrast to other examples, as both have strange melodies that make it hard to guess when they would play. Respectively, 012 sounds like a digital bubble popping in MIDI, 013 resembles a whimsical sparkle, and 018 is similar to a sound wave.

012 is used in The Battle Cats POP! when backing out of a menu or cancelling an option, which was likely the original intended use for it.




Unused Catfruit[]

There are three types of Catfruit that are not used in-game. When hacked into the Catfruit Storage, the unused types only show as white circle with the kanji "仮" (meaning "temporary") written over it in BCJP, or as black boxes in other versions. When exchanged, they give 500,000 XP each.

Early Prelude to Ruin Background[]

The background used in Prelude to Ruin was added in Version 10.0, but had a different color scheme closer to that of the one used in Saint Red Fox. Incidentally, this was the same update that added placeholders for a Legend Cat and an enemy named コニャンダム亜種 Ko Nyandamu Ashu ("Li'l Nyandam Variant"); their IDs would later be taken by Stone Cat and Evil Emperor Cat respectively.

Original Traitless Icon[]

There was no way to filter for abilities affecting Traitless before Version 11.2, but from Version 8.0 to Version 11.1, a "W" ("White") icon could be found in the game's files among the many other trait icons.

Witch and Eva Angel Icons[]

Version 13.3 reworked the Enemy Guide by moving enemies' types to the upper-right corner of the screen, where they are displayed as icons. The update also added icons for the Witch and Eva Angel types, but since none of the enemies of these types are listed in the Enemy Guide, the icons don't appear anywhere.

Alternate Cutie MOMOCO UFOs[]

Cutie MOMOCO's portrait in the Upgrade Menu shows a different design for her flying saucers than in her Normal Form. It shows a more rounded saucer with a heart stamp instead of a star one, with a striped pattern instead of a plain texture.

Cat Base With Hidden Doge[]

This background for the Cat Base Menu looks exactly the same as the default Legend Stages background, but with a hidden Doge face instead of a Cat.

Sono 1[]

その1 (Sono 1, lit. "Part 1") was the placeholder name for an unfinished stage which cost 150 energy to play. The only enemies known to appear were Cruel Angel Clionel and Gentleman Bros., who spawned together at the beginning to form a nightmarish combo in which Clionel would annihilate your backlines and Gentleman Bros. would freeze anything that could enter her blind spot. It later became Old Master (Expert), with which it shared an ID.

Extra Stages[]

Within the game's code, Imminent Disaster has five additional stages that are the exact same as those found in Here Be Dragons, minus Pilaf Field; Unleashing the Cats has a duplicate of Taking the Stage (Insane); Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! has two completely empty stages; and Night 1: Santa Claws at Work has a duplicate of Harvest Festival. All of these extra stages lack an energy cost, XP drop, difficulty, music or drop rewards of any kind.

Weak Yet Bitter[]

The names of sub-chapter 28 and its stages could be found in the game data for an indeterminate amount of time before they were implemented. The stages' names were no different, but the sub-chapter was originally called Weak Yet Bitter, which was changed to Weak & Mildly Acidic on its release.

Region Exclusives[]

All region-exclusive units and stages (including collab ones) exist in the files of all versions, but with their sprites and assets removed. Some use placeholders for their names and descriptions, but others have official translations.

A notable case of this is Baozi Cat and Nekondo, where Baozi has a proper translation in BCEN but not his stage, while Nekondo is the opposite, his stage is translated but not the unit itself.

To the Future and Droid Awakes![]

To the Future and Droid Awakes! are stages exclusive to the Google Android Collaboration Event in Nyanko Daisensou. Both exist in the English Version as well, but neither have been released.

Early Barrier[]

Although they were implemented in Version 6.5, audio and sprites for Barriers could be found in the game's files as early as Version 6.3. The pre-release Barriers had a different design, which most notably was blue instead of red; this may have been changed so that they would be easier to see against the already-blue skin of their Alien bearers.

Warp Resistant and Improved Knockback[]

These abilities have been in the Cat Filter since Version 8.0 and are presumably meant to be unlocked through Talents, but neither is actually assigned to any unit.

Unused Enigma Maps[]

Only three Enigma rarities exist in the game, but sprites for two more can be found in the game files, as well as a platinum Enigma in the first image for the Enigma Stage tutorial. The former two may have simply been the original designs for Normal and Superior Enigmas.

Traitless Talent Orbs[]

Although Traitless enemies do not have associated Talent Orbs, the game files have had a sprite for them since Version 9.7. The sprite for Relic Orbs has also been present since then, but it wasn't until Version 13.3 that they were actually implemented.

Impossible Shield Regenerations[]

Le'Behemoth and Miz Devil both have their Shields set to regenerate with 50% HP in the game's code, but because they only have one knockback, this behavior can never be seen in-game.

Unused Death Surge Soul Sprites[]

The Death Surge soul has two unused eye sprites, for a partially-closed and fully-closed eye. In the final game, its eye always stays open.

Unused Talent Cost[]

There's an unused cost for a Talent that maxes out at level 1: 250 NP. It is unknown what this is meant for, as the most expensive non-upgradable Talents are Ultra Talents for Uber Rares at level 60, costing 150 NP.

Unused Stamp Rewards[]

Unused spritesheets for various Stamp Rewards exist within the game's files, ranging from NP, to Catfruit, to engineers for the Ototo Corps. For the English Gold Catfruit stamp in particular, a much brighter design is used instead of the one seen in-game. Some of these do however appear in The Battle Cats Unite!, as rewards for completing certain Catnip Challenges.

Unused Combo Sizes[]

Several Combo sizes and their respective effects aren't yet assigned to any Combos, making them go unused. Notably this includes all XL Combos, as the only two XL Combos that exist currently are My Very Best Friend and You Will Find Happiness, which are both for collab-exclusive abilities that don't have any other Combo sizes. Before Version 4.7, Attack UP L, Defense UP L, "Strong" Effect UP L, and "Freeze" Effect UP L were assigned to several CatCombos.

Combo Type Size Effect
Attack UP L Attack +20%
Attack UP XL Attack +30%
Defense UP L Defense +30%
Defense UP XL Defense +50%
Cannon Start UP L Start at 60%
Cannon Start UP XL Start at 100%
Worker Start Level UP L Wallet Lv +3
Worker Start Level UP XL Wallet Lv +4
Starting Money UP XL Start with 2000¢
Cat Cannon Power UP L Cannon Damage +100%
Cat Cannon Power UP XL Cannon Damage +200%
Cannon Recharge UP XL ???
Worker Cat Max UP L Wallet Max +30%
Worker Cat Max UP XL Wallet Max +50%
Cat Base Defense UP L Base Health +100%
Cat Base Defense UP XL Base Health +200%
Research Power UP XL ???
Accounting Power UP XL Money Loot +50%
Study Power UP M XP +15%
Study Power UP L XP +20%
Study Power UP XL XP +30%
"Strong" Effect UP L Ability Effect +30%
"Strong" Effect UP XL Ability Effect +50%
"Massive Damage" Effect UP L Ability Effect +30%
"Massive Damage" Effect UP XL Ability Effect +50%
"Resistant" Effect UP XL Ability Effect +50%
"Knockback" Effect UP XL Knock Distance +50%
"Slow" Effect UP XL Ability Duration +50%
"Freeze" Effect UP L Ability Duration +30%
"Freeze" Effect UP XL Ability Duration +50%
"Weaken" Effect UP XL Ability Duration +50%
"Strengthen" Effect UP L Damage Boost Effect +50%
"Strengthen" Effect UP XL Damage Boost Effect +100%
"Critical" Rate UP L Critical Chance +3%
"Critical" Rate UP XL Critical Chance +4%

Effect DOWN Combos[]

In addition to "UP (Sm)", "UP (M)", "UP (L)" and "UP (XL)", there is unused text for a "DOWN" Combo level.


  • Although the Warp Resistant ability itself is not assigned to any Cats, Cats with the Sage Slayer ability still have the Warp Resistant effect. This can be seen if a Sage Slayer Cat gets warped by 694, since they will come back much sooner than a non-Sage Slayer.