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This feature is unobtainable and can only be obtained via hacking.
This feature is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of The Battle Cats

This article focuses on unimplemented features exclusive in the Nintendo Switch version of The Battle Cats.

Unused Cat Units[]

Though most of the units present in the game's files are used, there are a few that cannot be used in-game and require save file modification or looking through the game's files.


Catburger is the only unused Cat Unit to have full functionality, though it only has its Normal and Evolved Form. It may have been planned for an American release when Version 1.0.5 went live, but considering low sales for The Battle Cats POP!, it would have been safe to scrap the US release of The Battle Cats Unite!.

Li'l Cats[]

There are unused spritesheets for most of the Li'l Cats, suggesting they were meant to be unlockable through some different means similar to that of the Serial Code Cats from mobile. However, there is no known working code to summon these units and only their spritesheets remain available. The only Li'l Cats to not have spritesheets are Li'l Bird Cat, Li'l Fish Cat, Li'l Lizard Cat, and Li'l Titan Cat.

Li'l Gold Cat[]

This is the only Switch-exclusive Cat to be completely scrapped from The Battle Cats Unite!. There is only a spritesheet for this unit and no known working code for it to function.

Unused True Forms[]

While some can be found when manipulating the save file for the game, there are some that cannot be found naturally and were located in the arc files for the game.

Purchasable Special Cats[]

Each of the Special Cats that cost Cat Food to unlock has an unused True Form that has full functionality and can only be used when manipulating one's save file. The following cats have an unused True Form:

Since these units have been unused for a very long time, they did not receive anti-Zombie abilities in Version 1.0.6, in which any Cat Unit that had an anti-Zombie ability in the mobile version would receive said ability on the Switch. This leaves Hyper Mr., Skelecat, Pastry Cat, and Gato Amigo without their anti-Zombie abilities.

Secret Unlockable Cats[]

Just like the purchasable Special Cats, both Tricycle Cat and Flower Cat have unused True Forms that are fully functional and cannot be used without modifying the user's save file.

Cyberpunk Cat[]

Unlike the other unused True Forms listed in this section, Nerd Cat's True Form, Cyberpunk Cat, is completely unusable and is left at a broken state. While he can be used in-game via save file editing, he costs 0¢ and has the same recharge time as Cat When summoned, he will run through all of his sprites immediately before being left in a frozen state.

Unused Unit Sprites[]


Corodragon's Normal Form has an unused Basic Cat in its spritesheet which gets reused in its Evolved Form.

Cat Cannon Foundations[]

There are a list of Cat Cannon foundations that went up unused in the final game, but are listed in the Data.arc file

Tricycle Cat[]

Just like in the mobile version, there is an unused greyscale missile sprite for both his unused stamp sprite and Normal Form.

Unused Sound Files[]

There is an array of unused sound files present when looking through the SoundData.bfsar ranging from music tracks for collaborations to sound effects for Cat Base foundations.

  • The following are music tracks that were listed in the SoundData.bsfar file
    • Gamatoto Expedition ♪
    • Catclaw Dojo Theme
    • "Taiko no Chikara" (太古の力, "Ancient Power")
    • "Kodai no Noroi" (古代の呪い, "Ancient Curse")
    • "Kyōgaku! Kodai Seibutsu" (驚愕!古代生物, "Astonishing! Ancient Lifeforms")
    • Filibuster Invasion
    • Heavenly Tower Floor 50
    • Afternoon Bug Hunt
    • Evening Bug Hunt
    • Midnight Bug Hunt
    • Shoumetsu Toshi Collab Main Menu and Battle Themes #1 - #3
    • PowerPro Baseball Collab Battle Theme/The Last Game
    • Evangelion Collab Main Menu and Battle Themes #1 - #5
    • Street Fighter V Collab Main Menu Theme and Battle Themes #1 - #9
    • Hastune Miku Cat Base theme and Battle Themes #1 - #6
    • Godzilla Collab Theme
  • The following Sound Effects were found when looking through the SoundData.bfsar file:
    • Backout/Cancel SFX from The Battle Cats POP! (snd012)
    • snd013
    • snd016 & snd017 (Cat Shrine SFX)
    • snd018
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Slow Beam
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Iron Wall
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Waterblast
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Holy Blast
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Breakerblast
    • The Cat Cannon firing the Curseblast
    • Savage Blow sound effect
    • Toxic sound effect
    • Surge Attack sound effects
    • Receiving a rank during an Arena of Honor event
    • Unlocking a Meow Medal
    • Rolling the Wildcats Slots for the first and second time
    • Scratching the Cat scratcher
    • Gamatoto gaining XP
    • Gamatoto's Log
    • Organizing Gamatoto Assistants
    • Opening the door during the Summer Cats event
    • Opening the door in the Cat Base during the Neo Mushroom Garden Collaboration Event
    • Opening the Cat Base door during the Street Fighter V Collaboration Event (snd092 - snd 096)
    • Starting a stage during the Street Fighter V Collaboration Event
    • Ending a stage during the Street Fighter V Collaboration Event
    • Sound effects for opening the door and obtaining a reward during the Hatsune Miku collaboration event

Unused Playable Chapters/Stages[]

Unused Main Chapters[]

It may have been considered that Empire of Cats Chapters 2 and 3 and Into the Future Chapters 2 and 3 could have been in development, but since this was before Cats of the Cosmos Chapters 2 and 3 were available, they were most likely scrapped in favor of changing certain stages to other stages from these cut chapters.

Unused Zombie Outbreaks Chapter[]

Hidden in the Patch.arc file, there is a full Zombie Outbreaks chapter that mixes both Empire of Cats and Into the Future's Zombie Outbreaks. This was most likely developed when Cats of the Cosmos was still adding new main chapters thus showing no signs of Cats of the Cosmos stages in the stage spritesheet.

Intrepid Cats[]

The 29th sub-chapter of Stories of Legend, Intrepid Cats, is listed in the Data.arc file, but is unplayable in-game.

Continuation Stages[]

Hidden in the game's Data.arc files exists multiple Continuation Stages that may have been leftover from importing the mobile version's code when developing this version.

Unused Catfruit Buffet Continuation Stages[]

This could be leftover code, but there are images showing the existence of Catfruit Buffet Continuation Stages present in the game's files as they are ID'd separately from the typical daily Growing stages.

Old XP Stage[]

Just like the mobile version, there is code for the original XP Stage that was only available in older versions of The Battle Cats, replaced by a revamped version that goes up to harder difficulties.

Challenge Battle/49th Treasure[]

Challenge Battle is an event stage that lets players aim for a higher score by beating the base as fast as possible, this is present in both The Battle Cats and The Battle Cats POP!, however, it goes completely unused in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It is technically implemented, though improperly, and is the game's "49th" treasure that one can obtain by manipulating the save file for the game. When unlocked, this Treasure does nothing and does not even show up in the Treasure list.


There are also smaller features that were also unimplemented in the Nintendo Switch version of The Battle Cats.

Cut Playable Modes[]

There are some unused modes that were crossed out in the spritesheets. Catclaw Dojo, Special Stages before clearing Empire of Cats, and an unused version of Empire of Cats Chapter 1 are cut chapters from the spritesheet. There are also unused sprites for the Cat Beacon, the Mailbox and Zombie Outbreaks.

Unused Medal Sprite for Zombie Outbreaks[]

Checking through the Data.arc file shows that there are Zombie Outbreak medals which would normally be given to players that beat an Outbreak stage. However, with the lack of Zombie Outbreaks in the Nintendo Switch version, they go unused.

Evangelist Cat "+" Levels[]

When modifying the game's save file, it is possible for Evangelist Cat to gain + levels, despite not being obtained from any Capsule. Through save file manipulation, it is possible for Evangelist Cat to gain a maximum level of "40+20."

Unused Traits and Abilities[]

There are unused icons for the Relic trait, immunity to Curse, Witch Killer and Eva Angel Killer.

Cat Combos[]

There is an unused sprite for Cat Combos as well as a question regarding about Cat Combos.

More Unused Stages[]

In the cbs files from both Data.arc and Patch001.arc archives, there is a myriad of unused stages that went unused in the Switch port. A majority of Monthly Events, Cyclone Stages, Special Cat Awakening Stages, Deadly Carnival stages, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Advent Stages, other Event Stages, and Stories of Legend stages that go all the way up to sub-chapter 46, Singularityville.

Cat Stamp Logins[]

This could have been leftover data from importing data from the mobile version when developing the Nintendo Switch version, but therr could have been a 30-day login bonus similar to the mobile version which was instead discarded in favor of the Text Speech method to unlock Tricycle Cat.

Recording Settings[]

In a cbs file from the Data.arc archive, there was text mentioning the ability to record a battle while playing, which would be saved into the console's album.

Unused Gacha System Sprites[]

In the spritesheet that is used to indicate what rarity was obtained from rolling the Cat Capsule, there is an unused sprite mentioning "Legend" and could have been simply ported from the mobile version. There also exists unused sprites for receiving 1 million XP, guaranteed uber draws, and looking up the event info for each banner.

Unused Sales Sprites[]

Since this version of the game does not use in-app purchases, there are unused sprites promoting sales for Platinum and Rare Tickets, Limited Packs, and a Start Up pack.

Unused Items[]

Catseys and Catamins are present in the games files as well as leftover sprites for Catamins being available on the Item Store as well.