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Unknown Relatives is the second stage of Another New Year.


At the start, 2 mooths along with an alien mooth comes out.

Be careful when you hit the base. A Mooth, a Maawth, a Lion Mooth, and a Bore will spawn.


Strategy 1 (Untested)

Row 1: 3 meatshields, Sadako Cat, Dragon/King Dragon cat

Row 2: Face Cat, Whale cat, and last 3 slots for you to fill. (Anti red ubers, anti floating, maybe another stackable)

If you have crazed dragon, or whale, they can be used as well. If you have Face Cat TF (iCat), you can permafreeze the Bore with 2 of them (if timed well). Dragon will out range the moths, be sure to stack


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