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The Upgrade Menu allows the player to acquire and level up Cat Units and various abilities.

Upgrading Cats and Abilities[]


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  • Cat upgrades and Base Upgrades increase the efficiency and strength of units and abilities. For example, if you upgrade Cat to Level 2, 3, etc., each time the level is increased, it gains more attack power and health. When upgrading a Base Upgrade, the same thing happens, increasing the effectiveness of whatever you upgrade.
  • Currently, the maximum level for Base Upgrades is level 20 (+10 via Cat Capsules) except for Cat Cannon Range which can only be upgraded to level 10. Below are descriptions of what each Base Upgrade affects. Italicized parts can also be seen in the Upgrade menu when you select that upgrade.
    • Cat Cannon Power - Increases Cat Cannon attack power. But also increases recharge time...
    • Cat Cannon Range - Increases Cat Cannon attack range.
    • Cat Cannon Charge - Decreases Cat Cannon recharge time.
    • Worker Cat Rate - Increases the Worker Cat's efficiency, increasing the rate of income.
    • Worker Cat Wallet - Increases the Worker Cat's wallet, increasing upper limit of income. Adds 100 starting wallet per level, +50 per Worker Cat level while in the stage.
    • Base Defense - Increases the health of the Cat Base by +1,000 HP per level.
    • Research - Increases Cat production speed. It has no effect at level 1, but from level 2 and after, production speed will be decreased by 0.2 seconds (at level 20+10, the production speed is decreased by 5.8 seconds).
    • Accountant - Increases the money earned when an enemy is defeated. It has no effect at level 1, but from level 2 and after, money drop from enemies will be increased by 5% (at level 20+10, the money drop from enemies is increased by 145%).
    • Study - Increases the amount of XP received when clearing a stage. It has no effect at level 1, but from level 2 and after, XP will be increased by 5% (at level 20+10, the XP received upon clearing a stage is increased by 145%).
    • Cat Energy - Increases the max limit of Cat Energy. You require Cat Energy to continue fighting. Each level adds 10 Cat Energy.


  • Once a Cat has reached level 10, it will gain its Evolved Form with a new appearance, sometimes having new stats and abilities.
  • Cats like the Ultra Souls and Nekolugas have drastic stat changes in their Normal and Evolved forms. They may also gain a special ability in their Evolved Form.
  • Certain Cats have a True Form or 3rd form, with different unlock requirements for different Cats. See True Form for full explanation.
    • Certain Ubers can evolve again into an Ultra Form or 4th form. See Ultra Form for full explanation.
  • Clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 1 unlocks the Switch Class button, which allows players to cycle between any of a unit's unlocked forms between battles.
Rotate button

Switch Class button

Catfruit/Catfruit Seeds[]

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There are some Special, Rare, Super Rare and Uber Rare Cats that can evolve for a second time to their True Form by using Catfruit and Catfruit Seeds (along with XP) after reaching level 30. Each Cat has a different requirement to unlock their True Form.

  • Catfruit and Catfruit Seeds can be acquired from the "Growing" series of Event Stages. Collected Catfruit and Seeds are stored in the Cat Storage.
    • 5 Seeds of a given color can be exchanged for a full Catfruit of the same color.
    • Epic Catfruit Seeds are a type of seed that are unlocked differently than normal Epic Catfruit.


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  • Using a Catseye item raises the maximum level cap of a Cat Unit of the same rarity as the Catseye.
  • This item will become available after reaching User Rank 1600.
  • Catseyes can be acquired from Gamatoto Expedition and as a reward from certain stages and User Ranks.
  • After the level cap has been raised, the player still needs to use XP to raise that Cat's level.

Talents/Talent Orbs[]

Main articles: Talents and Talent Orbs

After completing Into the Future Chapter 3, some True Form Cats can become even more powerful by unlocking upgrades called Talents.

  • Unlocking Talents requires NP, a currency obtained by exchanging units or Orbs in the Cat Storage.
  • Most Cats with Talents have five different Talents, which can include stat boosts, new targets, new abilities or improvements to old abilities. Some Talents can be leveled up with NP to increase their effect.

Any unit with Talents available can also equip an item known as a Talent Orb, which increases health or attack power against a specific trait.

  • Talent Orbs come in different grades. The higher the grade, the more powerful the Orb's effect will be. The grades from best to worst are S, A, B, C and D.
  • Talent Orbs either improve attack power or defense against a single trait or improve the effect of an ability that changes effective stats against a single trait.
  • Talent Orbs can be obtained from certain Enigma Stages. They have their own section in the Cat Storage, where multiple identical Orbs can be merged into a higher-tier Orb with the same effect and target.

Cat Filter[]

For the wiki's feature, see Cat Filter.
  • This feature will appear after completing Empire of Cats Chapter 2.
  • The player can choose to display Cats with certain Rarity, Target or Abilities by toggling them on the Filter Menu.
  • Hold various effect icons to see detailed explanation of that effect. See Special Abilities for full explanation.

Level Cap[]

  • The normal level cap when you initially start the game is Level 10. You can upgrade cats to Level 20 once you finish Chapter 2 of Empire of Cats.
  • Further, increasing the Level Cap for Cats and Upgrades are obtained by increasing player ranks to a certain point.
  • A (+1) will be gained whenever you use a duplicate Cat for the respective unit. The (+) Upgrade level allows you to reach the True Forms of Normal Cats and is not the same as the normal Upgrade counter.
  • Stats from the normal level and (+) level upgrades also stack normally. For example a unit with the Level of 10(+15) will have the same stats as a Level 25's stats.
  • See Normal Cats, Special Cats, Rare Cats, Super Rare Cats, Uber Rare Cats and Legend Rare Cats for each rarity's level caps.