You may not believe me, but I actually played the very original Battle Cats (which if I remember correctly, I started playing it 10 days or less after its release) before it became the nowadays Japanese version.

I will unlock all Dragon Emperors' True Forms!

God-Emperor Dioramos

I will get you one day!

Megidora (COMPLETED!)

Sodom (Coming Soon...)



Kamukura (COMPLETED!)

Dioramos (Coming Soon...)

Ganglion (COMPLETED!)


All made around 2016. [MORE coming soon(???)]

There were ideas of new units, True Forms, enemies, many more put onto papers, I even sent them to PONOS! Some of them happened, not in the way I wanted. The rest "will be considered" they said, and has yet to come. But you know what? I don't really care now! At least I tried... Before Cats of the Cosmo was a thing:Bosses (wanted them to appear in the finale of SoL, each in their very own stages):

If you ask me: am I proud of these creations?

The answer is: NO.

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