aka The BC Mememaker

  • I live in A box
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Making memes
  • I am A toaster

Contact me on Discord if you want to contact me on Discord. Hi_Im_Stupid#3940

I'm obsessed with 2 things. Making BC memes and the Luga family. I like how creative they all are and while I can't express it through art, I like to think of fanmade Luga cats in my free time. Yes I like making memes of the Luga's. My favorite Luga meme is next to this text.

Facts about me that nobody cares about because its 2018

  • My favorite cat (aesthetically) is Dr. Mekako. <------------------------
  • My favorite cat (statistically) is Professor Cat Jobs. |
  • My least favorite enemy unit in the game is Celeboodle. |
  • I like collecting cats (I don't do a good job of it though) |
  • My first rare capsule cat was Bodhisattva cat. |
  • My first uber was Mekako Saionji. _________________________|
  • My least favorite cat (aesthetically) is you.
  • My least favorite cat (statistically) is PIKOTARO/NEKOTARO
  • The easiest enemy unit for me is Kang Roo (though SBK becomes a pain).
  • The hardest enemy unit for me is Shadow Boxer K (Its gotten better since I got Ring Girl though).
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