Ariel Ontiveros

aka Ariel Ontiveros Ortega

  • I live in Mexico
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Non
  • I am Agender


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Enlgish Account


Japanese account

Hi, my name is Ariel Ontiveros, i'm a very active user in this wiki and a walking dictionary, I love the complexity of this game and joined the wiki to make the best out of me, this place has given me a lot almost like a second home, it even helps in real life, and a perfect place to show and defend my opnion (although I can be quite sadistic sometimes).

Secondary account:

What do I do

I do multiple things on the wiki, but what i'm most proud of is making the pages of new released content very quickly especially units and enemies, i've changed the time that new things arrive on the wiki from 3 weeks to 1 month to a couple a hours to one week

My favorite page

Why I joined this wiki

I joined because I started seeing that the wiki had information really late I remember seeing doktor heaven in a picture and almost a month later it was added to the wiki, with the page having almost nule information and so I promised myself that the wiki would be the fastest and most realiable method for everyone and so i'm very proud of my progress in the update department. If you have any doubt regarding information that hasn't been released contact me.

progress in the game

Empire of cats 3/3 chapters
Into the future 3/3 chapters
Cats of the cosmos 3/3 chapters
Heavenly tower 40/40 levels
Legend quest 48/48 levels
Advent bosses 6/10
Stories of legend 49/49 subchapters
Uncanny legends 18/19 subchapters

Good and Bad people

  • JTH Studio: A VERY good friend that i found on this wiki he has a persistent opinion which i respect a lot ,it is someone who i trust and has done a lot to this wiki and has a very good general attitude, sometimes pretty weird but that just makes him even better.
  • DarkenedXavier: The person that the wiki needed very persistent with a good attitude and a intimidating tone for vandals and bad people, it is a very good, funny, and dedicate person.

  • Ka$aJ1zo: An annoying and sadistic person that cannot take any opinion and replies aggressively to anyone who disagrees with him he wants to be the king of the conversation and even when people get close to him to talk friendly or apologize he just invent curses and insults to seem superior.
  • Beiwistful: basically the abortion of ramiel he started on the windy page insisting 420~450 is bad range and I starting undoing his edits considering they were repetitive and then there was a thread which involved many important users trying to make him reason, he declared himself a superior king before he got banned and returned with alter accounts twice.


the people who help me for getting information

About me

  • Like the credits, at the end and fast because no one wants to read them.
  • I live in mexico and very proud of being mexican.
  • I speak spanish, english, and french.
  • My Favorite gender of music is Opera, my favorite Opera artists are Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna and my favorite is song is Carmen - habanera (Version of Angela Gheorghiu.
  • My favorite saga of books is Miss Peregrine.
  • I hate people who are obsessed on being like everyone else, thus basic.
  • I have too much character and can seem quite sadistic when giving my opinion.
  • Y fuera de mi pagina Rob

Mi vista en la comunidad de battle cats o de la gente aqui en general

D'abord je ne sais pas le raison que je pense d'ecrire ça mais je suis marre de ne dit pas le chose que je pense, et je commence, con algo que verdaderamente pienso, por vivir en mexico he aprendido a que la mayoria de las cosas relacionadas con insultos no me importen, e sento che tutti quelli che hanno "sofferto" qui esagerano e mi infastidiscono, mi spurgano, che persone come Ka$aJ1zo si arrabbiano per cose così piccole, Eu não entendo por que eles ficam com raiva, eu não entendo por que eles levam a vida deles como miserável, porque não é um padrão, despey!, Dreamy Cag, marcsalv, todo mundo diz que tem uma vida horrível, y tal vez no sea capaz de entenderlo, es como cuando he leido libros de terror y no me generan nada, que te llenen el muro de mensajes re hace rabiar, qui a des gens qui fait des memes de vous sur un putain joue du chats, ÇA vraiment je ne peut pas comprend, y no estoy dispuesto a entenderlo, porque no me voy a poner a chillar por pequiñeces, eso es toda la puta comunidad, petit garçons qui seulement faire un plus grand problem pour ils parce que pour moi le plus grand probleme de la communite du battle cats c'est un tres et vraiment stupid chose. Y tristemente la gente que tiene tantito mas de sentido comun cree ser capaz de resolver el problema, y solo lo empeora, je seulement haine parsons comme, c'est un peu drole mais comme le 99% de la communite du battle cats, pero a diferencia de TANTAS personas verdaderamente me vale, porque ho estoy aqui para centrarme en lo bueno, et je ne vais pas crier comme autres gens, et plus important JE NE VAIS JAMAIS ARRETE C'EST PLACE.

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