At Your Own Expense

aka NathanVenture

  • I live in My House
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is Worthless Protoplasm
  • I am Not a Girl

About Me

I'm just someone who relies on the Battle Cats Wiki too much. I made an account to fix typos, bring outdated information up to speed, and (rarely) combat vandalism. I mostly just edit my own profile, though.

Besides the wiki, I used the Battle Cats Subreddit’s BCEN Uber Rare Tier List as a general guide for making informed Gacha choices. However, since the Tier List has gone dormant and doesn’t have an adequate successor, I have now turned to SilumanTomcat for his comprehensive Uber reviews. He also reviews non-Ubers/Legends and makes useful guides on levels, which is a huge plus.

I first learned about the Battle Cats from the Metal Slug Defense collaboration, but I only started playing it sometime after dropping MSD, after seeing my brother playing it and being drawn in by its charming style and sense of humor. My first Uber ever was the White Rabbit. My first good Uber (and second Uber ever) was Radiant Aphrodite. I also played Crash Fever during and after the collaboration with Battle Cats, but I ultimately went inactive after Omega difficultly and Raids were implemented because being unable to finish stages without specific units is really cheap. (That said, I’ll still brag about getting Megaphrodite, Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Laplace, and Galois...)

I play other games, too. RPGs are my go-to for having a good time, and my favorites to date are Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Chrono Trigger. I also love Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, and classic platformers like Crash Bandicoot 1 & 2, and Spyro the Dragon 1, 2, & 3. When I’m in the mood for weeb sh*t, I‘ll play Yakuza or Hyperdimension Neptunia.

I try to keep an open mind about games I don’t play, but I’ll always look down on mobile games (with very few exceptions), yearly release franchises, multiplayer-only, PvP, MLG, excessive difficulty, and David Cage.

Currently playing: Magia Record, and the Battle Cats

On my back burner: Epic Battle Fantasy 5, Bully

On Magia Record (NA), I go by Nathan and my ID is UkvjRt9S. My Support units are Ultimate Madoka (A Priceless Treasure MLB, Parting Ways MLB, That Which Connects Us MLB, A Perfect Photo of Us MLB), Uwasa Tsuruno (My Bible, Walking the Same Path, Is She An Angel?! MLB, Lightning Strike MLB), Nanaka Tokiwa (Where I Can See Everyone MLB, Onward to the Light! MLB, Past and Future MLB, Bearer of the Family Name), Sana Futaba (Ryushin-Ryu Assistant Instructor MLB, Sunlight Shining Down, Non-Stop Training MLB, After the Rain - Mito MLB), Iroha & Yachiyo Final Battle (I Made Friends!, Kyubey Knight Rides Forth MLB, I Won't Stray MLB, Reinforcements From Another Time), and Kanoko Yayoi (We Aren't Alone MLB, Blessed Wind Returns MAX, Dependable Negotiator, After the Rain - Leila MLB). By September 30, all my progress will have vanished into the ether.

OFFCLB 1-20-2020

My Battle Cats Officers’ Club Card. (1/20/2020)

I also have a Roblox account called NathanVenture, but I'm currently inactive.

My avatar is a sprite of Claire Elford from Witch’s Heart, a quality RPG Maker game series.

For those who are interested, below is a list of things I'm currently working on in the Battle Cats. Normally one would write down a list of things that they have already done, but I've reached a point where the amount of stuff I've done way outnumbers the stuff I've yet to do. I am 99% confident that anything not listed here is because I've already done it.

BC Goals

  • Miss out on as little as possible. (See Below)
  • Acquire Stars in 'Stories of Legend' (Currently 178/194, See Below)
  • Complete 'Uncanny Legends' (See Below)
  • Acquire Non-Ubers/Legends: (All Caught Up!)
  • Acquire Ubers/Legends (Currently 97/1, See Below)
  • Upgrade all Units to Level 30 Minimum, If Possible: (All Caught Up)
  • Unlock True Forms: (All Caught Up!)
  • Raise Gamatoto's Level (Currently Level 108, All Caught Up!)
  • Raise User Rank and Acquire Rewards (Currently 16108, All Caught Up!)
  • Obtain all Meow Medals (Currently 81/85)
  • Complete the Enemy Guide (Currently 188/188, All Caught Up!)
  • Complete all Summit Shrines (Sky, Black)
  • Acquire Hatsune Miku Ubers: Megurine Luka
  • Acquire Hatsune Miku Non-Ubers: Luka Cat, MEIKO & Cat

BC Missed Content

  • Collaborations Missed: 'Survive! Mola Mola!' (1st Time), 'Mr. Ninja!! Fever', and 'Metal Slug Defense' (1st Time)
  • Collab Ubers/Legends Missed: Cornelia, Mystica, Todomeki, DONALD MORDEN, HI-DO, Bebe, Saber, Rin Tohsaka, Illyasviel, Rider, Miyabi Oyama, Akuma
  • Collab Non-Ubers/Legends Missed: Mr. Ninja
  • Collab Microtransaction Units Avoided: Shakurel Lion, Shakurel Tiger, Shakurel Panda

Growing Strange Gripes

My Team (Oldest Recorded):

  1. Manic Mohawk Cat (40), Manic Eraser Cat (40), Ramen Cat (40+23), Cameraman Cat (40+21), Catasaurus (40+24)
  2. Octopus Cat (40+9), Baseball Mask γ (40+2), Manic Island Cat (40), Megaphrodite (40+1)The One-Hit Wonders (40+3)

Cannon Used (Oldest Recorded): Breakerblast (Lv.5)

My Team (Current):

  1. Manic Mohawk Cat (50), Manic Eraser Cat (50), Ramen Cat (50+37), Cameraman Cat (50+37 w/Survives Lvl.10, Critical), Catasaurus (50+39 w/Critical Lvl.5)
  2. Octopus Cat (50+15), Baseball Mask γ (50+2), Manic Island Cat (50), Megaphrodite (50+1), The One-Hit Wonders (40+3)

Cannon Used (Current): Breakerblast (Lv.20)

Stages My Team Can Beat: Color of Blood, Fear of Flying, Holy Wrath, Galactic Threat, Seas of Death

Stages My Team Can't Beat: Hearts of Darkness, Clash of Steel

Stages I Have Gotten: Color of Blood (4/2), Fear of Flying (9/0), Hearts of Darkness (0/15), Clash of Steel (0/11), Holy Wrath (15/0), Galactic Threat (9/1), Seas of Death (8/0)

Rewards I've Received: Elder Catfruit (x0), Elder Catfruit Seed (x45)

Bold indicates units which any particular player is unlikely to own. Bold italics indicate units which are also only obtainable during specific collaboration events.

Stories of Legend 4-Star Progress

4-Star: 'The Legend Begins' - 'Weak & Mildly Acidic' + 'Suburbs of the Dead' + 'Area 22'

Uncanny Legends Progress

1-Star: 'A New Legend' - 'In the Sleeping Forest'

2-Star: N/A


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